So i got my starting capital at Full Tilt, which was nice.
Great experience overall, got to learn alot from it but due to poor BRM ended up broke.

So i decided to start over at Party Poker, i used to play there before and they have a minimum deposit of 10$. I deposited 10$ yesterday and after fiddling around with some 3$ SnG's and some PLO25 i found myself down about 5.5$. With roughly 4.5$ left i said to myself enough is enough so i hit the Startegy section and read about BSS, i also installed the Elephant and i took my entire bankroll to a NL4 SH table at Party. Played about 80 hands and i was up to 10.77$ so i decided to take a break and returned later to play at two tables simultaneously.

I'm happy to report it has been a great day:
Game: BSS NL4
Current BR: $19.77
Hands played: 218 in 2 sessions
BB/100: 165.71

Hoping my new attitude towards poker will turn me into a better player i shall return here after each session and post my stats for the day.

Good luck to you all and have fun playing.