Ok, whats going on?

    • drupop
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      So i finally got to 50 TAF dollars.
      I request my payment on PartyPoker and after about 10 days the request shows up as payed out but what do you know... no money on my Party account.

      I wait another couple of days not knowing how long this takes and decide to create a ticket. I was told that my message has been forwarded and that i should be patient. And so i waited patiently a few more days only to log in and see that my 50$ that were "payed" suddenly got unpayed and show up in my TaF account as it did before i requested a payment. It's like i never even requested the payment. So i create another ticket asking for explanation, why hasn't anybody contacted me? Why did i not get payed?

      I'm still waiting for an answer for my ticket, which was created about 24 hours ago.

      Anybody else with this problem?
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello drupop,

      I'm sorry to hear that you are having troubles with getting your T-A-F payment sorted out.

      As for your latest ticket, im sure that support will be in contact with you shortly. Sometimes they can get very busy which means a delay sometimes in answering members tickets.

      Kind Regards,