My Return to SSS ... Maybe?

    • MrMardyBum
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      After a few days off I come back more refreshed and clearer thinking.

      And I think the major flaw in my game was using the more advanced SSS techniques on to low a limit?
      Like the blind steals, seeing flops with PP's etc. So what limit do SSS players really need to think about employing these more advanced methods?
      When I look through my hands and plays etc, I found that when I started using these methods on NL25 I started losing money?
      So when does it become good to implement them?
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    • alejandrosh
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      good to see you are not quitting.

      first nl25 can be beaten without doing anything fancy, but If you have stats I don't see a reason why doing stuff like adjuting the reraise ranges or restealing couldn't be done against the right oponents even on the very low limits.