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Mister Son of a..

    • lazolaz
      Joined: 28.09.2008 Posts: 31
      Playing an quintuple shootout 4 max per table
      1st round passed!
      second round donkeys at my table,
      2 eliminated 1 to go chips like 3200 and 2800
      i manage to get it to 5800!!! and mR donk goes all in every hand
      i call with AQ thats right i lose of A3
      he has like 1000 now he goes all in on nothing and i call with top pair
      yes it's gonna sound cliche but what do you know RUNNER RUNNER
      and so on and on and on, final result i lost.

      i dont care about the money i put in but this really puts me on tilt
      my keyboard lost his full functionality now lol

      it happened to me before and it was a nasty tilt, i remember i gambled whole my bankroll because of that

      this is where it began

      PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $2.00+$0.20 Tournament, 25/50 Blinds (2 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

      Button (t200)
      Hero (SB) (t5800)

      Hero's M: 77.33

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A, Q
      Button bets t200 (All-In), Hero calls t150

      Flop: (t400) 5, 2, 2 (2 players, 1 all-in)

      Turn: (t400) 4 (2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: (t400) 4 (2 players, 1 all-in)

      Total pot: t400

      and it continoud with hands like that

      he called hands like 10-4 6-2o on the sb with blinds of 100-200 and his stack like 1000

      i could try to steal but because he has a very very very very very very i mean VERY wide range that didnt work either
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