Multi Tabling Mayhem

    • Verre
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      So yesterday I decided that I was accumulating MCPs too slow. I was multitabling 4 tables of .5/1 and although the software is.... subpar (screen doesn't pop up when its your turn, doesn't flash, no favorite seat, cant resize screens) I decided to open up 4 more tables.

      By now I should have let you know that my screen holds four tables, and I have never stacked tables. Then I got kicked in the face.... I was auto folding Aces, I was trying to find my location at 8 tables with green felt on a green carpet background.

      In my panic I opened table options and clicked the small table option. My whole screen goes black. 20 seconds later it pops back up with 8 mini tables all stacked on top of each other. I quickly start pulling them off each other, as I fold ever hand under the sun.

      After 5 minutes of this madness and ~$15 lost I managed to shut down 4 of the 8 tables and went back to my normal grind. I managed to break even for the day.

      My question is, how do you guys multi table this site? I have no problems 8-12 tabling Stars, but I can resize tables there.
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