Flop bluff 1vs1 2/3rds of the pot?

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      Oh sorry, noticed this isn't the section for it. Please move this thread.

      Hey there, I just ran in to an ugly hand here today.

      Didn't record it, but I do remember it. It went like this

      NL 10 FR

      Hero gets dealt KQs while on the BB (2$)
      Everyone folds up to the button who calls.
      Small blind calls as well.
      Hero raises to 0.60 (according to the ssstrategy)
      Button calls.
      SB folds.

      Flop comes


      So... According to the SSS I should bet out 2/3 of the pot as a bluff and fold if the opponent continues, but here's the problem.
      Initially I had 2$ I bet .60c which leaves me with 1.40
      The pot is 1.30
      So 2/3 of the pot is like .80c which would be more than half of my chip stack.

      So... If he reraises me, according to the strategy, should I fold?
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    • Mstlc
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      According to SSS you should go all-in as soon as you have to bet more then half your stack if I remember correctly.

      But I have absolutely no idea how the button can call you there... first he limps, then he calls a 6BB bet, in BSS the guy will most likely play a small pocket pair here but he has absolutely no odds to call you with your $2 stack there.
      I would put the guy on a weak Ace here (A9, A8). Which would have you beat. See, this is why I don't like SSS you don't have any room to play... :/