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Had a horrible day today - just want to share...

    • FWKanobi
      Joined: 13.02.2009 Posts: 740
      Well , it started with losing all tournaments I played today (most of which i played good , then i started to tilt).

      I had ugly hand like near the bubble in 10000$ guaranteed after 1.3 hours of game I have set 3 and someone raise me , I push all in and the turn and river brings him straight.

      to make a long (sad) story short , I've decided after dropping down from 105$ to 60$ today to sit a little bit in cash table (bad decision , I know) and in 3 hands I've turned the 20$ (25NL full ring with 87% plrs/flop) into 50$ (bringing my BR back to 95) and then decided to leave the table.

      the funny thing is that after I got to 50$ I got AA and then KK and in both hands the entire table folded to my 1$ raise in early position (the moment I do have hands.. i gain nothing... lol.... )

      so basically I had a really bad day , I even cried a bit :rolleyes: to a friend in the forum... but at the end , I almost lost nothing today.

      Days like this are very dangerous , One can lose his entire BR because of bad BRM , I just got lucky in the cash table.. just all.

      Thank you guys for hearing my whining :-)
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    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      Hello FWKanobi,

      First of all, sorry to hear about your problems with the tournaments. Also I'm glad you realized that the whole 'switching to cash tables' phase at that time was quite a lucky move.

      Nevertheless, it's good to see you are back up and it's also advisable to keep an eye out for Bankroll Management because it is a very important tool. Good luck with your next tournaments!

      Best regards,