Suckout of the day.

    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      Well... This isn't exactly an upswing, but.... ... Here's one of my suckouts of the day.

      I'm on the button and I got a raiser before me, I hold JhJd. According to the SSS I should go all in. So I do, but wait! The BB also goes all in and the raiser also goes all in!

      So now, I am up against an AK from the raiser and KK from the BB. Safe to say that I'm in a pretty bad shape.

      Flop comes AhQh6h and I think you can guess what came on the turn. Yep. A heart to finish my heart draw.

      I must say I was quite relieved to know that the one remaining king of hearts wasn't in their hands.

      So that's my suckout of the day.
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    • luitzen
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      I know the feeling.

      I sometimes hold a set on the flop and then I go all in. And when there's an ace on the flop someone holding AK or AQ goes all in as well. Turn nothing. When there appears another ace on the river you really freak out because his trips beats your set until you realise you have a full house:P