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My deep run in the Daily 30k + 3$+R (50k gtd)

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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hey Zeffke,

      Congrats on running deep, nice one.

      I'm not experienced enough myself to help I'm afraid, but know that others will reply soon.
      Just wanted to say well done and keep it up :s_thumbsup:

    • timukasr
      Joined: 26.05.2007 Posts: 1,820
      Daily 30k

      3rd hand (AJs)
      Would raise preflop to get some junk out of the way

      6th hand (T6s)
      Would raise it preflop, those blind limpers often fold to raise and I would raise on flop and then go c/f mode

      7th hand (Ax)
      Would call that SB - getting good odds

      10th hand (ATo)
      I might even bet the turn but check is ok also

      12th hand (Axs)
      Lol, imo no point to call those at so bad position (I might do it in cheap rebuy)

      17th hand (AKs u went all-in against 1 mid stack and 1 full stack)
      I don't like to go all-in with that, too often I'm not ahead enough (against QQ+ fo sho), but you can do it if you only want to go for the first place or nothing at all

      18th hand (99)
      Would make it a bit more preflop since being quite early pos (u made 3xBB I'd make 4xBB) otherwise nh

      19th hand (AK)
      Again would bet 4xBB preflop, otherwise nh

      43rd hand (AA)
      Against these fishes always 3-bet with made hands preflop to get more value.

      50th hand (AT)
      A bit over the top to raise from MP2 after 1 limper with that. I guess if you are playing loosely it's ok. Otheswise nh.

      54th hand (3Ts)
      From BB you get 8.4:1, call it.

      55th hand (K8o)
      Call it from SB, you get 6.8:1

      65th hand (AKo)
      I would cbet the flop.

      68th hand (TT)
      Tricky hand preflop, not sure weather you should push, fold or call. Post it to evaluation forum. Otherwise nh, no point to bet there cause your hand might not beat the big stack or the shortstack.

      69th hand (AQo)
      Nice luck ^^, would play the same way.

      78th hand (62o from BB)
      I might call it, you get 3.3:1 not sure though.

      87th hand (T3o from BB)
      Same as above

      88th hand (T7o)
      Steal that blind!

      90th hand (T4s)
      Steal that blind!

      97th hand (78o)
      Would barrel the turn also or even river

      100th hand (A7o)
      Steal that blind!

      102th hand (AJs)
      I think free fold on flop is not the best line ^^, I guess you disconnected or smthing

      104th hand (T4s)
      Steal that blind!

      117th hand (AKo)
      I'd raise 3xBB preflop

      121st hand (JJ)
      Why not 4500 preflop. Completely dislike your line here (you c/c every street) I would bet flop or turn.


      124th hand (KTo)
      Are you abusing bubble or?

      136th hand (AJo)
      You could also 3-bet preflop, that guy seems to be quite loose.

      164th hand (QTo)
      You might want to raise to a completer there, they often fold. Kind a weak bet on flop imo, should be a bit bigger (or don't raise at all).

      171st hand (AKs)
      Getting 2.7 to 1 I would call that 3-bet.

      I will continue this post when I have time (I'm planning to give my opinion on both of these tourneys).
    • alejandrosh
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 4,346
      very good idea, I'm quite sick of deep running this 2 tournaments and fall in 50 - 80 - 100 place or whatever. I'll give them both a look when I bust of this daily 30k (again itm , hopefully will not run deep but win something nice) :D

      edit: finished 85th X( , downloading HH
    • alejandrosh
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 4,346
      daily 30kv things I would have done diferently

      hand #6 T:spade: 6:spade: I'm betting the flop after he completes and checks, easy chips there very often

      hand #7 A4o complete preflop, good odds we are deep and play carefully without two pair+

      hand #10 AT I like to bet turn, his call may be a draw which we can get value out here

      hand #12 A:club: 5:club: hmm to early position to overlimp

      hand #17 A:club: K:club: I'm going all in also AKs is the nutz

      hand #18 99 I'm raising the flop to that donk bet , shutting down after any action.

      hand #24 KQo I'm cbetting there, A high flop fits our range and someone checked already + you hold a gutshot to improve even if called.

      hand #32 55 ugly board, but heads up I'm cbetting this

      hand #43 AA 3bet preflop all day long.

      hand #68 TT I'm shipping preflop the cc had been limping before and I think he is pretty bad so chances are he is calling with a KJ 77 hand is higher than JJ+ So I ship it and bust here :f_biggrin:

      hand #97 78o : I don't donk against unknown , with reads it might be a very nice play

      hand #100 A7o : raisy daisy

      hand #102 A:heart: J:heart: Try not to disconect next time :D

      hand #121 JJ : 3bet bigger and bet flop

      hand #136 AJo : that guy had raised a lot before, hadn't he? I'm 3betting and try to take id down preflop OR c/raise flop as a bluff

      hand #150 J5o mp3 : don't like the steal , too early too bad of a hand and a SS who has to double up soon is on CO

      hand #164 QTo raise preflop

      hand #171 A:club: K:club: was he really tight? I'm shipping here

      hand #224 T:diamond: 9:diamond: being that short I'm probably folding to the raise, OOP not many impliedds sucks.

      hand #251 QTo on bu : I'm attacking limpers with this hand

      hand #257 KQo Ship it preflop
      hand #282 : nh , unlucky.
    • alejandrosh
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 4,346
      $3.3 rebuy

      #11 5:heart: 4:heart: with 3.6:1 odds and position I call the 3bet
      #21 Q:diamond: J:diamond: no way I'm going all in there I fold to the 4bet
      #42 K:heart: 2:heart: 6:1 odds with probably the openlimper calling also, I call that (and no, no results orientaded, wrote that before seeing the flop)
      #50 5:club: 4:heart: either raise preflop or bet flop
      #56 4:club: 4:spade: I'm never cbetting that board on a multiway flop here that someone with a six never folds.

      ---- rebuy period over
      #95 5:spade: 4:heart: 9:1 pot odds, I see a flop there
      #100 8:club: 8:diamond: hehe I'm playing differently because I'm a nit , nh!!
      #113 7:diamond: 8:spade: On the button I like the raise to punish the limper
      #122 K:spade: 9:heart: Attack the limper again
      #177 T:club: 9:club: this hand got me thinking, there's dead money and the openraiser had been raising a ton of crap before and minbetting minraising etc... I shove this one while playing, not sure if it's good though.
      #191 T:heart: 3:heart: sucks it's too loose to resteal since he probably calls loose also, it's of course a fold but wanted to point that out :P :P
      #265 Q:spade: J:heart: I think there's fold equity left, at a first look I push that to the BU openraise
      #296 K:spade: Q:club: with 4<M<5 and first in I push that
      #308 K:spade: 4:club: I don't know if it's too loose but K on CO with M<4 it's a push for me
      #314 K:club: Q:spade: The shove is coming from a desperate shortstack first in . I reshove KQ here
      #318 6:club: 6:diamond: I think folding this here on mp2 is too tight problem is we are a little deep and it sucks if someone calls a raise , but definetly raise 2.5BB or shove
      #330 3:heart: 5:diamond: not a big fan of sb steals I rather avoid them with such a bad hand unless you have very tight reads on BB of course

      #338 J:diamond: J:spade: I say "one time" before the river to avoid that :D , nice tourney shame on that luck.
    • Zeffke
      Joined: 17.04.2007 Posts: 1,123
      Thanks a lot guys for the feedback, really appreciate it !!!
    • FWKanobi
      Joined: 13.02.2009 Posts: 740
      Originally posted by Zeffke

      As most of you guys already now, I'm a decent cashgame player with some little successes in MTTs. Altough I'm not that happy with my tourney results, so I have decided to work on it.

      Yesterday I ran pretty deep in the daily 30k and the 50k gtd (3+R) at stars. Instead of posting the hands one by one, I'm gonna upload the full handhistory and hope that someone will help me with my tournament play.

      I also converted it into "popopop's universal replayer-format', because it's much more easy to view the tourney with that replayer.

      I hope I will get some feedback on this, hands in particulary and/or general way of playing.

      Tnx in advance,

      The files:
      Daily 30k guaranteed - replayer-file
      Daily 30 guaranteed - txt-file
      3+R 50k guaranteed - replayer-file
      3+R 50k guaranteed - txt-file
      Can you explain the re steal at hand 208 ?
      I would never execute that move... why did you do it ?

      Poker Star Game 27636720894 / Tournament
      Table 158090784 250 -
      Blinds : 800/1600 - Ante 200.0

      9 players
      [SB] nibelung (50896)
      [BB] chrislau30 (90804)
      [1] CtothaJ (30438)
      [2] AttilaA3 (40779)
      [3] mm410 (33642)
      [4] chuni09 (33428)
      [5] schitzu0512 (66664)
      [6] Missolson (68672)
      [But] Zeffke (33871)

      Zeffke Q 8 Initial Pot: 4200

      CtothaJ folds
      AttilaA3 folds
      mm410 folds
      chuni09 raises to 3799
      schitzu0512 folds
      Missolson folds
      Zeffke raises to 9600
      nibelung folds
      chrislau30 folds
      chuni09 folds
      Zeffke hide cards
      Zeffke wins 17599 from the main pot
      Zeffke wins 17599 from the main pot
    • budzior
      Joined: 26.02.2009 Posts: 1,159
      Just using the button, maybe against loose player...
    • galhindi
      Joined: 23.09.2009 Posts: 5
      pls someone explain me how to convert hand history for Universal Replayer