About professional and voluntary Handjudges

You've probably seen them somewhere in the forum and wondered what exactly it is what they do. We are talking about the professional and volunteer Handjudges at PokerStrategy.com. You may have already asked yourself:
  • Who are the Handjudges?
  • How and why can I become a volunteer Handjudge?
  • How can I become a professional Handjudge?

Who are the hand evaluators?
Handjudges are PokerStrategy members with a special job. They are there to analyze your sample hands in the forum and to give you a better understanding of the strategy and theory in poker. This knowledge is what gives you an edge over your opponents at the poker table. There are two kinds of Handjudges at PokerStrategy.com - volunteer and professional

Professional Handjudges
Professional Handjudges analyze hands in the sample hands forum. Some were just regular members, who drew attention upon themselves with very good forum posts, others started off as volunteers and worked their way up. Professional Handjudges are paid to manage the sample hand forums and must fulfill a number of duties.

What are the differences between professional and volunteer Handjudges?
  • Responsibility
  • (Quick) reaction time
  • Consistency

A professional Handjudge is responsible for an assigned area in the forum. He must ensure that all requests for a hand analysis are answered in a timely manner. The two main differences between the two are responsibility and consistency; a high standard of quality is expected from both professionals and volunteers.

Volunteer hand evaluators
Volunteers work without being paid. They are members that drew attention to themselves with their forum posts. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping other members.
Volunteer hand evaluators don't receive pay, but they are given a small reward for their efforts.

How can I become a volunteer Handjudge?
If you think you have what it takes, you can send an application to HandJudging@PokerStrategy.com.
Be sure to analyze 4-5 sample hands so we can judge your work.

A staff member will look over your application and give you a quick response. You can start working as a volunteer Handjudge immediately if you work is up to par. If not, don't despair. Keep practicing and apply again later.

The other possibility: A professional might be impressed with a forum post of yours and send you an email. In this case you won't be asked to submit any sample work - you wouldn't have received an email if we weren't already convinced of your abilities.

How can I become a professional Handjudge?
First of all, a position for a professional hand evaluator must become available. Usually a volunteer is then asked to take over, since they have more experience. You can increase your chances of being assigned a part of the forum significantly by working as a volunteer first.

Why should I become a volunteer hand evaluator?
As if the chance to help others weren't enough ;) , there are a number of other reasons to give it a try:
  • better chances at being asked to evaluate hands professionally
  • improve your own game by participating in in-depth discussions in the sample hands forums
  • solidify your knowledge by putting it in word and sharing it with others
  • a chance to interact with other peers in a friendly setting over Skype

Hopefully this has raised some interest on your end. Do you have the qualifications, motivation and desire to help other PokerStrategy members?

If so, apply as a volunteer hand evaluator. Send your application to HandJudging@PokerStrategy.com