• funjubulus
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      Which hands count kickers and how?

      Ive seen split pots with A high but the kicker isn't counted (i think). I'm getting confused as to when the kickers are counted and this may cost me if i dont fully understand. Fortunately it's not cost me nowt yet.

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    • p0kerQT
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      If you have a card higher than those on the board it counts as a kicker, If you have 1 pair then your 2nd card should be higher than the 3 highest community cards for it to be counted as a kicker.


      You hold AK ur Opponent holds AQ

      the board is AAJT9

      you have trip aces with KJ as ur kickers, they have trip aces with QJ kickers so you win with the higher kickers.

      Eg 2.

      You hold A6 your opponent holds A8

      the board is AKJ9T

      You both have a pair of aces with KJT kicker so you split.

      Eg 3.

      You hold 43 both hearts, your opponent holds 78 both hearts

      The board is AT65J (all hearts)

      Your opponent wins with AJT78 flush.

      The simplest way to remember is that your hand has to be made up of 5 cards which can be any of the community cards + any of your hole cards.
    • Mstlc
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      Another example of possible situations where kicker doesn't count is if the board paired up twice.


      You have AK, Villain has AQ.

      The board comes: 884 3 4

      You both have two pair eights & fours with Ace kicker. King & Queen kickers don't play there either since as QT said, a Texas Hold'em hand consist of 5 cards, no more, no less.
    • funjubulus
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      Perfect. Cheers.