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Have you seen my luck?

    • mChavez
      Joined: 13.02.2009 Posts: 323
      Cause i've lost it and i just cannot find it.
      I'm quite new to poker, and this is probably my first proper downsing, but bloody hell, I just lost my luck! For the last few days I've been getting a bad beat after a bad beat after a bad beat!! Its just unbelievable. I've lost 1/4 of my BR, reviewed my game and my strategy twice, came back to PS basics, nothing helped!

      I just cannot get what i'm doing wrong. Only thing i could find that i was underestimating some fish's calling ranges (I was expecting them to play tighter), but that should only boost my winnings instead of leading to a loss, shouldn't it? cause i was betting when my hand was the best.

      I don't know what to do and I'm afraid to play now, cause I just know that th next time I play, no matter what i do, i'll get a bad beat. If ther'es a hand which is worse than mine, but it can improve, its going to improve.

      Ok, pushing QhQd and getting called by 9h5h and loosing to a flush is normal. it's poker. But when such crap happens 20 times in a row, I'm starting to loose control.

      I think I need to make a life sacrifice to Holy Random.

      Any suggestions what I should do? I'm thinking of switching to heads-u[p games for a while and spending more time reviewing my games and reading theory. Anything else?=)

      Sorry, just complainign about my crappy life=(
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    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      When variance is kicking your ass, the very last thing you should do is bend over to give it a better shot.

      By this I mean, your plan to start playing HU instead is crazy :)

      1/4 BR downswings are a part of poker. In your situation I would move down limits to a place where win or lose, my BR isnt going to get alot of change happening and concentrate on BB won. So, if your normal limit is NL20 or NL50 (gold member, so im assuming it has to be one of them) move to NL10 FR for a few days, until you find your mojo again.

      Once you post a couple of + days in a row, move back up and go from there.

      Never, ever, ever move up limits / move to higher variance games and try and "buy" your way out of a downswing. It is that kind of move that turns a downswing into a gone broke.
    • mChavez
      Joined: 13.02.2009 Posts: 323
      I'm playing sngs actually=)

      I already jumped down a limit and HU seems like easy money for me there, plus its a good chance to practice HU.

      It seems like my losses are starting to slow down=)