Queries Regarding Cash Out & Rakeback

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      Hi guys ( and of course ladies ;) ) I'm just about to clear the 100% sign up bonus on FTP, and I'm not totally clear how to proceed ....

      I'm considering taking out some (or maybe all) of the money (via my existing Neteller account) and depositing it into existing poker accounts elsewhere

      Q1 - I have about $100 dollars in total, so having cleared the 100% sign up bonus is ALL of this money now actually mine?

      Q2 - How do I make a withdrawal from FTP, I'm weary of clicking on the withdrawal button via Cashier as will the money just go straight back to source (i.e. PokerStrategy)?

      Q3 - I've cleared the bonus over the course of some 4 weeks via PL Omaha Cash Low Limits, thus I haven't been receiving rakeback. I read somewhere that this mean you are in fact 'negative' so does this affect any withdrawal you wish to make?

      Q4 - What would my rakeback be if I play 14 hours per week of PL Omaha, blinds 0.15/0.25, average pot $4, average hands 50 per hour?

      I would be most grateful (and damn impressed!!) if anyone has made it this far and has some (or all) of the answers to the above !

      Thanks in advance !!

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    • luitzen
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      Question 1: All the money is yours. Please check your bonus account whether there are still any bonuses left before you cash out.

      Question 2: you can click on withdrawal to see a list of possible withdrawal methods. Except for the local bank transfer you need to have used one of the methods to deposit money before you'll be able to withdraw money with these methods. If you've never used your Neteller account to deposit at Full Tilt you won't be able to withdraw money with it either.

      Question 3: This doesn't affect your withdrawal. The amount of money mentioned in the cashier is the amount of money you have control of and you can withdraw immediately. You're bonus is deducted from your rakeback. You won't receive any rakeback until you're rakeback is bigger than you're received bonuses.

      Question 4: I don't really know whether rakeback is based on contributed rake or rake over winnings. So I can't really help you with that.