Leading betting site mix up!

    • cannell555
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      The bet was Man U to win (draw no bet/moneyback). The price I got was 4/1. I suspected the correct price was in the region of 1/4-1/6. So I got my bro to double check that my eyes were correct in what they seen. Then we both made a rather large bet each, pretty damn quickly.

      I then announced it on Skype and facebook, and helped a few others back it before the price was updated, and changed. Only one PS member decided to back it though :(

      Pics or it didn't happen? hehe

      My betting slip -
      (deleted my details, and the stake I placed ofc.)

      Heres the newly updated home page "offers" -

      So now all we need is for Man U to win (who I hate with a passion). C'mon United!!

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