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    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      What do you think about listening to music while playing?
      Have you done it?
      Does it somehow affect you?
      If so, then does it affect you positively or negatively?
      Do you like +EV? (I just felt like throwing this non-serious question in here)

      But yes. The question is whether music helps? And if it does, what sort of music.
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    • gaz639
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      i find music helps my play, if i don't have music on then i can hear everything around me, cars driving past etc and it distracts me, the ice creamvan is a killer, but with music i just hear that. I also find that if you like the music you are listening to and suffer a bad beat it is easier to forget and it is harder for you to tilt.

      Personally i like to listen to rock music
    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      Really? And here I was, thinking that rock music makes your decisions impatient.
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Rock music is the way forwards for sure. :D
    • pedromostarda
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      I actually think I play better when I'm listening to music.
      Rock and eletro, that's what I hear. Sometimes I also put some rap in the middle, but it affects me negatively
    • REmmell
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      Rap music all the way! Eminem, 50 cent, Akon etc. Sometimes though I have to switch it up a bit and listen to Johnny Cash.


      Definately helps ease the tilt factor in my opinion. Just dont play it to loud if ya know what I mean.lol
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      the music that helps you focus definetely :P . it's like driving a car... music can improve your concentration or decrease it. so i think some energetic music is best, like electric, hip hop, dance, etc. certainly not house, trance or techno though, that just fucks you up. rock, metal and rap also don't work for me, but that's just cause i don't like them at all.
    • mChavez
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      Talking about music, there is a special experimental system developed by Patrushev which can help you increase your concentration by playing certain sound waves. When you're listening to it, it just sounds like pc's coolers. I just found it in my archives and I'll try playing poker with it=)
    • luitzen
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      I think this is something very personal but I've heard that classical music is very calming.
    • mChavez
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      This should be personal... I listen to the Doors when I want to calm down =)
    • Hlynkinn
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      What do you think about listening to music while playing?
      the only reason I've played this game for this long is because I can listen to music while playing... I get way to bored if it wasn't for sem phresh music playing with my eardrums..

      Have you done it?
      I rarely play without it

      Does it somehow affect you?
      yea it makes poker a really fun activity :)

      If so, then does it affect you positively or negatively?
      Positively ofcourse... does it affect my game positively or negatively?... not sure probably doesn't have any affect on my game... But still feel better :)

      My music taste is really laid back hip hop with that feel good vibe... A lot of jazzy tunes and then some mellow electro groups like Röyksopp, Fatboy slim, Hey Champ and ratatat.

      My taste in hip hop is ever evolving but some of the artist I'll listen to all the time are Cunninlynguists, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Nas, 2pac, Saigon and Charles Hamilton

      As for favorite hip hop to listen to at the moment Asher Roth, KiD CuDi, The Grouch and Eligh and Evidence...
    • bobdefete
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      punk , Old rock and metal are the best for me :)

      Its definetely better playing with music !
    • sliggy
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      Korn - Tearjerker.mp3.

      On repeat.

      For hours.
    • nafar84
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      My poker music of choice is TRANCE! (not crappy euro-trance, but psy/progressive)

      It doesn't necessarily fuck you up (like Primzi suggests!), but if you're already a fan of the genre then it actually keeps you in the zone & playing your A-game all the time.

      If poker can be seen as one big never-ending session, then it's only logical for its accompanying music to be like one big never-ending rave...

      Oh and trance doesn't have to be all crazy boom-boom-boom, there is beautiful stuff like this:
    • dadude77
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      some rap. T.I., Nas, Ludacris, Little Brother, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, kanye, common

      regge kinda alternative, SLIGHTLY STOOPID (prob what i listen to like 80% of the time) 311, pepper, Long beach all stars, dub incorporation etc :D
    • Dragar
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      Some house music or elecro

      It really helps me play because I am more relaxed :f_cool:
    • fun101rockets
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      i have tryed listened to music but it decreases my concentration. I need to be completly focusing on my tables.
    • RockEye
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      I find music helpful for concentration, i don't get bored and i don't make so many mistakes. I just listen to my favorite radio station, because they always got music i like. Some blues, rock or old rock is the best.
    • Waiboy
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      Hot funk, cool punk, even if its old junk, its still er.. helpful as an aural vaccuum filler.
    • Djvandal
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      Definately +ev Heavy Metal,Hard techno, Rap with hard hitting baselines lets me zone into the play and not my surroundings

      If i have a bad beat or start to play different than i would like I change up the style or artist until im back in my groove :)