♣[Earning the 1,000 i once lost]♣ (Only 845 to go)

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      (Enjoy my little monologue)

      Someone: What?! You once lost a thousand!? HOW!?

      SOL (Shadow Of Light): Well... I think I'll introduce myself first though.

      Someone: Okay.

      SOL: Now then... My name is *censored*, I am 19 years old and I live in Latvia, and attend school. My grades are average, nothing special. At the moment I live with my parents, however I am trying to find a nice little apartment so that I don't have to bother them anymo--

      Someone: Yeah, yeah great, now tell us about your poker career.

      SOL: *ahem* ... So... I started playing poker at the age of 17. Inserted 20 dollars. They disappeared.

      Someone: What? You mean a poker site stole your 20 dollars?

      SOL: No, I mean I lost them in poker. Over the year I kept depositing money in small doses trying to get lucky, but needless to say the best streak was when I made 40$ in to 160$ and started playing NL200 games and lost it all in the first 10 hands. So over the course of the year I probably lost around 1,000$ even though I did try to study a little b--

      Someone: A thousand dollars!?

      SOL: Yeah....

      Someone: .... You don't have much self control do you?

      SOL: Back then I didn't, because I liked poker so much.

      Someone: So... What happened?

      SOL: I took a break from poker, with the usual poker with my friends, but that wasn't serious. However when my friend won a freeroll for 200$, I flamed up again, however this time I decided that I will actually study and try to be a winning player with patience.

      Someone: So basically you're easy to influence....

      SOL: Yeah, something like that. Anyone needless to say, I ran across poker strategy and the BR management concept and I was shocked! I thought that all you'd need to play poker was like 2-3 Buy-ins. So I signed up, filled out the test and now I'm doing fairly decent for my first 3 days.

      Someone: How decent?

      SOL: 1.37BB/100 hands for the first 4000 hands.

      Someone: That's PATHETIC.

      SOL: -_- Poker is all about patience.

      Someone: You're just making excuses.

      SOL: ... So anyway, I already had my first downswing for a few hundred hands, but that was minor as I was able to get out of it.

      Someone: Can you show me?

      SOL: Sure. Here it is. http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/6484/aprilc.png

      Someone: Looks like a pond.

      SOL: Sure does, but I'm glad that I was able to recover from it.

      Someone: So what's your playing style.

      SOL: Right now, I'm strictly following the SSS on the NL10 and it's starting hand chart. No exceptions are made, though sometimes I feel as though what I win, I loose in blinds, since waiting for the premium hand usually takes a while.

      Someone: What are your goals for your poker career future?

      SOL: Well, I'd be happy if I ever get to the point where I can earn the minimum wage in poker, but I try not to think about that, because that's a far way away.

      Someone: Ok. Any last words?

      SOL: UUUhhh... Yeah. I now have 950 dollars to earn back in order to break even ;)
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      Entertaining blog you have here SOL :s_grin:

      How many tables do you play?

      GL to you.
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      Originally posted by kenthmp

      Entertaining blog you have here SOL :s_grin:

      How many tables do you play?

      GL to you.
      4 Tabling. If I'm not doing anything else like browsing the web, then 6 tabling.
    • SoyCD
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      Hehe, your blog intro somehow reminds of a book (I think it was "The Life of Pi") that my girlfriend had lying around. Found it very entertaining to read.

      Good luck on your journey & quest to recover the lost $1,000 :) Be sure to use our hand evaluation and strategy boards to guide you on your path ;)

      Best regards
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      Feedback is always appreciated.

      SOL: Hey someone...

      Someone: Hmmm? What is it?

      SOL: Sometimes micro stakes can be downright weird...

      Someone: What do you mean?

      SOL: Here, for example this hand.

      Texas Hold'em NL $0.05/$0.10

      Seat 6: fingazz9 ( $5.39 )
      Seat 7: trixpain ( $3.29 )
      Button: xShadowOfLightx ( $5.28 )
      SB: yoshi357 ( $1.90 )
      BB: F1L86 ( $1.85 )
      UGT+1: edelweisshb ( $9.70 )
      Seat 2: TheYakuzaOrigin ( $2.15 )
      Seat 3: Thag ( $2.03 )
      Seat 4: DkZPoker ( $9.85 )

      yoshi357 posts Small Blind $0.05
      F1L86 posts Big Blind $0.10

      Dealing cards
      Your cards Kh Qs [xShadowOfLightx]
      edelweisshb folds
      TheYakuzaOrigin folds
      Thag folds
      DkZPoker folds

      fingazz9 calls $0.10
      trixpain folds
      xShadowOfLightx raises $0.50
      yoshi357 calls $0.45
      F1L86 folds
      fingazz9 calls $0.40

      Dealing Flop 4:diamond: K:diamond: T:heart:
      yoshi357 checks
      fingazz9 checks
      xShadowOfLightx bets $0.80
      yoshi357 goes All-in $1.40
      fingazz9 folds
      xShadowOfLightx calls $0.60

      Dealing Turn 4d Kd Th 8c
      Dealing River 4d Kd Th 8c 9h

      yoshi357 shows 5s 5d

      Winner is xShadowOfLightx $4.18

      Someone: THAT'S SUCH A HORRIBLE PLAY!!! And what happened to your short stack strategy? Don't tell me you got bored with it and now you're risking your BR to play BSS with less than 10 BI's!?

      SOL: You make too many assumptions.

      Someone: Yeah, I know. So... What happened?

      SOL: I accidentally bought in for 4$ and I didn't want to leave the table since there is a small amount of NL10 tables at titan, so I decided that if I got a premium hand I'd go hard.

      Someone: So after a few hands you lost those 4$ right?

      SOL: Nah. After I won this hand I ran away from the table in fear.
      Someone: So... How's it going lately?

      SOL: Pretty good. Doubled up with Jacks against pocket kings and pocket 4's, by hitting a jack on the turn.

      Someone: You're bound to go broke like that.

      SOL: Hey, I'm only gambling a small amount of my stack on very good cards, so it's +EV thinking.

      Someone: Right, whatever. Show the readers something interesting.

      SOL: Like what?

      Someone: Like a graph, your winnings and things like that.

      SOL: Oh ok. Here you go.


      Seen flop: 6.07%
      Vol. Put $ in pot: 7.09%
      Pre-flop raise: 7.05%
      Agg. factor pre-flop: 28.42
      BB per 100 hands: 2.05BB/100
      Current total profit: 19.2$ [/CENTER]

      Someone: I can't wait for your next downswing...
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      nice blog, very readable :) .
    • TheBrood
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      Very original. :f_eek:
    • luitzen
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      Come on, KQ isn't a premium hand:D
    • p0kerQT
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      Split personality? :f_eek: Only kidding, nice read.
    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      Originally posted by luitzen
      Come on, KQ isn't a premium hand:D
      Eh, well... I felt it was coming :f_grin: :f_grin: :f_grin: :f_grin:
    • JuiceQuadre
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      =) nice blog mate
    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      SOL: -sigh-

      Someone: Do you want me to ask you "Why the big sigh?"

      SOL: Yes please.

      Someone: ... Why the big sigh?

      SOL: Well... I hit a pretty bad downswing the day before yesterday and I went down from 65 dollars, back to like 40. Crushed my motivation.

      Someone: If you're planning to be a profitable long-term poker player then such downswings are inevitable. Higher limit players loose like 500$ and they don't get bothered by it...

      SOL: Yeah, but they've played so many hands that they're used to it by the time they hit high-stakes.

      Someone: Even so, you need to see the downswings in a different light. Like... Following every downswing comes an upswing. Did you tilt?

      SOL: Only for like one hand and then I was like... "Oh snap! I didn't play according to the SHC!!" And quit. The next day, I just re-read a few articles and watched a couple of vids.

      Someone: Are you playing today?

      SOL: Damn right I am, however, I switched rooms. I left titan and joined PokerStars. But since I still have the starting capital in titan, I'll be using titan to play SnG's.

      Someone: Why the decision?

      SOL: In titan NL10 games almost every player is a shorstack, and since I can't play profitably with the SSS against other short stacks I went to Stars where it seems there is a LOT of traffic.

      Someone: So... what's today's graph?

      SOL: I'm too lazy to put it up, however I won 2 SnG's out of 2 making a profit of 10$. Doubled up a few times at stars with the SSS, so I'm kinda getting out of the slump for now. I guess I could be up for about 14$ now.

      Someone: So you heard it people... HE IS TOO LAZY...

      SOL: Alright guys hope you enjoy my--

      Someone: -Cough-

      SOL: ... Our blog.
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      SOL: Damn right I am, however, I switched rooms. I left titan and joined PokerStars. But since I still have the starting capital in titan, I'll be using titan to play SnG's.

      Someone: Why the decision?

      SOL: In titan NL10 games almost every player is a shorstack, and since I can't play profitably with the SSS against other short stacks I went to Stars where it seems there is a LOT of traffic.

      Hi I play micro stakes on titan and found the same problem with nl10 so dropped down to nl4 and played the bss until I had $200 and then moved to nl20 and have been playing sss, thus missing nl10 out its work for me.

      ps. nl4 is very fishy. But it did take a month to get my br to $200 though.

      pps. nice blog. will follow it to see how you fair.
    • aceonetheriver
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      Very Nice ! : ))

      I f u can get that " Someone" to be with u at the tables, u will make less mistakes !

      Gd Luck! Looking forward for ur next post ! : ))
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      Someone: Hello to another edition of... -sigh- This is so lame.

      SOL: Hmmm? What is?

      Someone: That you keep constantly writing in here even though most of the people don't even care what you do.

      SOL: That's not true, there are some people that post some comments now and then.

      Someone: ... -Sigh- Whatever... Ok, so it seems as though yesterday you hit an upswing right?

      SOL: I would rather call it a... "display of skill".

      Someone: Riiiiiight. So you basically won a few coin flips and now your all high and mighty.

      SOL: That's right.

      Someone: ... So how did you do.

      SOL: I'll let the graph speak for itself.

      BB/100 = 16BB/100

      Someone: Just remember that just as easily as you got this upswing you could get your next downswing.

      SOL: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, tonight I'm gonna play some pokah with my friends. A 10 man SnG with a buy-in of 10$.

      Someone: So now you're feeling confident that you'll take them out right?

      SOL: Yep ^_^
      Someone: Ok, readers, I bet you that he is going to lose that SnG. He probably won't even make it in to the money.

      SOL: ... Sooo, you're betting against me?

      Someone: Yeah.

      SOL: Why?

      Someone: Just because... Alright guys see you all next time.
    • MrMardyBum
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      That's one way to put the voices in your head to work, great blog, hope your upswing continues.

      Also, I hope the men in white coats don't see this thread, I don't think they allow you to play poker in the mental institutions. :D

      Good luck, I'll check in again later,

    • TheBrood
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      Grats on your upswing!
      Dont forget to play tight at the SnG FTW! oh, and steal from the mice whenever you can!
    • Atoks
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      Hey SOL, nice blog made me laugh a bit, well done! :)

      I'm sure u'll get the 1k$ back and then even win more, just remember it will take time, dedication, discipline, enduring ... prolly a few more things to get through everything poker has to offer. One thing that gets me through the bad is thinking about my goals for and with poker and what makes the good so much better is knowing I'm one step closer to my goals for and with poker. Best of luck and all the best on ur poker travels! :)
    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      SOL: Hyaaah... It's been a long time since I've posted here. But can't be helped with school exams and job searching...

      Someone: Yeah right, you didn't even study for your exams and you haven't even spent 1 minute searching for a job. You were just lazy...

      SOL: Charming as always I see...

      Someone: I do my best.

      SOL: Anyway. Hello there! I am back with new poker adventures!

      Someone: So, how did that SnG with your friends go?

      SOL: Don't remind me... Just... Don't....

      Someone: Well that would be out of character if I didn't remind you would it? Tell them what happened.

      SOL: I was heads up. First place gets 50$ second gets their initial 10$ back. I am about 2-1 chip leader. I am on the button with KQ. I raise 3 bb, I get reraised, so I call. Flop comes K66, I raise, he re-raises, I call. At this point I'm thinking that he could have a pocket pair of some sort or a king. Turn comes another 6. So the board now is K666, I bet, and get re-raised all-in. So I...

      Someone: Oh this is the best part...

      SOL: I folded.

      Someone: -laughs-

      SOL: I don't know what I was thinking... There were only 3 hands that had me beat... AA ; KK and a 6. BUT I FOLDED. This was probably the worst fold in history! After that he shows me an A4 just to rub it in. I covered my face to hide the shame.

      Someone: Well, I guess the pressure got the better of you.

      SOL: ... After that I had him down to a 20% chance showdown, and he won my 2 pair.

      Someone: That's punishment for not winning when you were 95% ahead.

      SOL: Well, anyway, I've been working hard on SnG's lately and have built my bankroll up to 150$, so I'm doing 3$ SnG's on PokerStars. They are a lot more interesting than the SUPEREASY 1$ SnG's. I mean, I was literally winning like 70% of the 1$ SnG's. Well, I did win my first 3$ SnG as well, but it was a LOT harder than the 1$. I mean, I was shorstacked for once in my life, twice even! But I somehow managed to get back and flop a set at heads up and win. But yeah. 3$ = Harder than the 1$

      Someone: So... You're going to stick to SnG's now?

      SOL: Yeah, since in cash games it's easy to lose your entire bankroll if you start to tilt, but in SnG's the amount is fixed, so I think it works better. Also I believe that I have the SnG basics down, so I'll stay at SnG's rather than cash games.

      Someone: What about tournaments.

      SOL: I don't like the fact that you need a lot of luck to win a tournament, which is why I'm sticking to small SnG's. Perhaps I'll do a 30 man SnG sometime, but that's as big as it'll get.

      Someone: Ok. And how many tables do you do?

      SOL: I realized that having many tables open does distract me, even if I once said it doesn't, so I play max 3 tables at one time. When I get to heads up, it's a bit hard, since I'm not very good at multitasking.

      Someone: And that's it for this edition of SOL's blog! Tune in next time!

      SOL: -wave-
    • TheBrood
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      3 tables FTW! I like your blog a lot and grats on that fold, you have taken the definition of "nit" to the next level! :D At least you didnt do it on tv like Jennifer Tilly did(look for it on youtube)

      This blog definitely should be in the weekly roundup.
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