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Titan pokers extra 100$ bonus

    • ShadowOfLight1337
      Joined: 26.04.2009 Posts: 239
      Hi, I currently am grinding the NL10 FL at titan poker with SSS as hard as I can, during my 4 days off, and I have grinded around 5k hands during these past 4 days with a $16 intrest. Now all happy and gloating I go check how much rake I've raked up during these past 4 days and what I see is... 12.7.

      Not an inspiring number.

      So here is my question. Does my $100 bonus clearing timer starts after I clear the $50 bonus or did start once I got my $50? Because by doing the math I realized that clearing the entire $100 bonus might not be possible. Reason?

      Ok... Here.
      I have 3 months to clear it, which means ~90 days. Lets just take for example that I keep grinding like I have.
      So 90 divided by 4 = 22,5 x 12,7 = 285,75 That's how much rake I'll gather in three months if I keep playing every day for like 5-10 hours, which I really doubt will happen'.
      So in total if I keep it up like this, I'll probably get around 8 increaments.
      However taking into account the tests that are coming up and all that school nonsense, I'll be happy if I get like 5 increaments.

      Sooo... Yeah. It's going to be pretty hard.
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    • lulda
      Joined: 07.03.2009 Posts: 399
      Titan starts releasing the bunus from the beginning, you don´t need to clear the 50 first.

      If I´m not mistaken you need to preduce 6.000 points to clear the whole bonus (10 increasments of 600 points).
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello ShadowOfLight1337,

      Don't focus your game on clearing the $100 bonus - but simply on playing good poker and improving your game. Use the hand evaluation boards - visit coachings, watch videos, read articles and evaluate your game.

      This will lead to you earning more money and increasing your bankroll. This in turn lets you move up in limits which in turn will result in faster bonus clearing. If you simply concentrate only on getting better you should hit NL25 pretty quickly - where clearing the bonus is no problem at all :)

      Best regards