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Hand of the Day - Part III

    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      PokerStars 100/200 Hold'em (5 handed) FTR converter on

      Preflop: Korn is Button with 8:diamond: , 8:club: .
      1 fold, MP raises, Korn 3-bets, 2 folds, MP calls.

      Flop: (7.50 SB) 6:heart: , 2:heart: , 9:heart: (2 players)
      MP checks, Korn bets, MP calls.

      Turn: (4.75 BB) T:heart: (2 players)
      MP checks, Korn checks.

      River: (4.75 BB) A:heart: (2 players)
      MP bets, Korn raises, MP 3-bets, Korn caps, MP folds.

      Final Pot: 11.75 BB

      This one is a quite famous hand :)

      Have fun :D
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    • wilm
      Joined: 13.07.2006 Posts: 1,583
      a 100/200 hand in the beginners section? hehe lol :D

      Anyway i have no clue abouth this hand. Was the MP just bluffing? Didnt he have a heart and was afraid that korn actually had one? Or was korn the one making a succesful bluff of his own?
    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      Actually after posting it i think it wasn't the smartest move i could do.

      i hope nobody who sees this hand will play like this.

      Something like this can you only do in the HIGH limits.

      so DON'T DO THIS AT HOME !!!

      I jsut thought it would be funny because some time ago this hand was discussed in a lot of poker boards.
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876
      Originally posted by Stefan1000
      this was the first thing i thought about... if i post this hand and replace 100/200 by 1/2 the whole board would tell me what a fool i am :)

      but you are right... this hand is funny. i hope korn showed him his cards after he folded :P

      you said this hand was discussed in a lot of boards. what was the conclusion ?
      and what do korn or maybe stoxtrader say about this hand ?
    • Blinzler
      Joined: 04.03.2005 Posts: 7,456
      Korns comment was that he had a feeling :D
      at 2+2 they didn't like it;
      his argumentation for the river cap was that villain after his 3-bet had either the K :heart: or a pure bluff, which would fold to his cap.

      Btw, what do you think about that? :D
      CO (25/18/2.90/32)

      PartyPoker 3.00/6.00 Hold'em (5 handed) Recorded and converted with HandRecorder

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 8:club: , K:diamond:
      1 folds, CO raises, 2 folds, Hero calls.

      Flop: (4.33 SB) A:spade: , 2:heart: , 6:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets, Hero raises, CO 3-bets, Hero caps, CO calls.

      Turn: (6.17 BB) 6:heart: (2 players)
      Hero bets, CO calls.

      River: (8.17 BB) 4:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero bets, CO folds.

      Final Pot: 9.17 BB.

      villain was a tag and after his flop 3-bet i "knew" he had a pocket pair and thought i cap it and lead the turn to maybe make him fold it. On the river i didn't think he could call another bet, since i would never value bet a pocket pair here.
      Nuts or balls? :D
      This hand is totally overplayed but i just had that feeling myself. ;)
    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      the argument on 2+2 were right ... and i don't believe this hand will teach you anything.

      its a cool move (but only if it works :D )

      "This hand is totally overplayed but i just had that feeling myself"

      this says everything ;)

      now we can go on with the "real" hands *g*