Can't I use boosted MCP ?

    • timmydk
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      I collected almost 10,000 MCP last month, and I've got extra 15,000 MCP with 150% VIP boost. I've got 25,000 MCP including boosted MCP.

      Yesterday I purchased 20+2 tournament token which needs 9,680 MCP.

      It's okay, but a problem comes to me when I purchased another tournament token.

      I can see cleary on MCP shop "my balance is 15,521 MCP", and tried to purchase 20$+2$ tournament token, but there comes a message "You do not have enough points to make this purchase."

      Can't I use boosted MCP to use MCP shop ?

      Why Mansion gives us MCP boost every month ?

      If here is any person related with Mansion, please answer my question.
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