starting bankroll in full tilt

    • pavel121212
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      I already passed the quizand choosed the platform to get there the starting bankroll [ftp] and im wating already 1 week and i didnt get
      any respawn from pokerstrategy & full tilt..
      what i must to do now?
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hi pavel121212,

      Have you checked your emails, including any spam folders/filters, sometimes we write to ask that you provide additional ID.

      If you have already sent ID, it can sometimes take up to 96 hours until you'll receive the $50 starting capital in your poker site account. In the interim time, please ensure that:

      > You have entered all the required information in your profile page;
      > You have completed all the required information in your poker site account;
      > You have checked your support tickets as sometimes we try to contact you this way;

      Please note that for legal reasons we are unable to provide starting capitals to anyone living in the U.S.A.

      Please be patient in waiting for the money, this will be sent as soon as possible. In the meantime feel free to explore our forum and read up on the strategy guides already available to you. Further strategy will become available to you as soon as you start playing poker through your linked account.

      Best regards,
    • SoyCD
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      Hello pavel121212,

      Our support wrote you a ticket several days ago which you can find here:

      Follow the instructions inside and reply to the ticket when you have done so. They will then continue processing your account.

      Best regards