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    • kingdippy2008
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      Ok so i was going through some stats in my data base and i found a leak that my 3 bet % is too low (about 5%). Im playing on NL10 and i just wanna know what you would personally 3 bet.

      I know its very opponent specific, but lets say we do it for 2 guys.




      Give your oponions on what you would 3 bet them with, from the button. Also say they were raising from MP.


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    • nafar84
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      5% is not too low for nl10 imo, it already comprises 99+,AJs+,KQs,AKo

      Although I'd rather just call with hands like 99,TT,AJs,KQs and 3bet with junk like low pp's, baby connectors/gappers (64s etc), unsuited connectors (78o etc) to balance the range and to avoid domination scenarios like AJ vs AQ... also if you get called with a hand like 99 then most of the time you have to turn it into a bluff, which isn't good because 99 already has good value.

      Also I think villain's vpip/pfr doesn't matter much. You should look at the "fold to 3bet" stat. I often come across a 35/28 who always folds to 3bets and a 20/18 who never folds. So keep an eye on that stat and if they're folding a lot then you can 3bet with all sorts of stuff.
    • Fongie
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      I don't think you need to be 3betting too much on NL10. 5% is not very low