Heaven n Hell, what a load of bss

    • gaz639
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      Hi everyone,

      Some of you here may know me from my previous blog, the long journey and gaz's sng journey, but before i did the sng's i played BSS SH. I played well at sng's and enjoyed them but missed bss, i kept ignoring it until 1 day when i had to withdraw some money fast from neteller (which wasn't fully validated so i couldn't just withdraw) so i decided to deposit onto partypoker and withdraw it to my bank account as they are the fastest i have experienced.

      2 hours later i got an email saying i needed to make 11pp before i could withdraw, so because i needed the money taking off that day, i played nl10 BSS SH with 7 BI's. I really don't recommend this to anyone and i didn't want to do it. I got the 11pp in 2 hours with $20 profit to go with it.

      Since then i really had the bss bug again so i withdrew my money from pokerstars, which isn't tracked, and deposited on pokerheaven.

      I had bad experiences with pokerheaven but some great words of advise from SoyCD and Kenny made me want to give them a second chance, so i thought this deserves a new blog for a new beginning.

      I am now going to play NL4 BSS FR on heaven so i get used to it again before considering the switch over to SH, i currently have just over €75.

      Here are my goals for this week

      Read all basic and bronze articles for NL, and UNDERSTAND them [DONE ]

      Post all questionable hands the following day after each session [ ]

      Don't rush in the deep end and play to the best of my ability and not make stupid moves, if i make 10 stupid moves in a session i will end the session, this will be reduced as time goes on, possibly weekly [ ]

      Keep this blog upto date! [ ]

      Goals for May

      Get back upto silver status on pokerstrategy [ ]
      Find out if it is possible to reach €100 rake to get rakeback [ ]
      Read silver articles [ ]
      Watch 3 bronze and silver videos [ ]
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    • gaz639
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      played my first session, went quite well ended €8.70. I played very well i think, didn't make too many mistakes, had a very good card run in places though, had quad K's on one table then 1 minute later i had quad 8's on the other table. Went on tilt in 1 hand because of these 2 hands, i was feeling unbeatable and raised suited connector from button, bb called and i got 4 for the flush on flop, i bet he pushed and i called and missed, he flopped 2 pair. Other than that though i think i played well.

      I will post some questionable hands i find tomorrow.

      Session stats

      NL $4
      hands played 130
      Amount won $1.36
      BB/100 13.08

      Hands played 623
      Amount won $5.11
      BB/100 10.25


      Hands played 753
      Amount won $6.47
      BB/100 10.74

      I am not sure of the accuracy of these with the tables being mixed $ and € and heaven lobby is in € and pokertracker is in $.

      One of my tables ended up having 4.5BI's on, this table had by far the most action.

      I won't post my VP$Ip stats yet because of the sample size, and it doesn't look good because i had lots of small pairs and suited connectors i could limp in early in the session which really lowered the PFR.

      Bankroll stands at €84.54
      Fpp 18 (think some are missing, will follow up tomorrow)
      Bonus to clear €150
    • gaz639
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      i just tried to post some hands but when i copy the HH from PT3 into weaktight it won't include my hole cards, and the pokerstrategy one isn't compatible, i tried copying the pokerheaven HH into weaktight but that isn't supported, are the any other good hand converters i can try? or should i post them through weektight ans type the hole cards at the top of the hand??
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      Hey Gaz,

      Looks like a great start to the blog with some clear and attainable goals.

      I'll definately be keeping an eye on this one matey ;)

      Kind Regards,
    • gaz639
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      cheers mate, i will make sure i stick to the goals this time and keep the blog upto date ,i let my last blog slip a little and ended up ignoring articles and just grinding rather than improving
    • kennyxx
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      Hi Gaz,

      good luck at Pokerheaven :)

      about hand converter, check this one. It converts all boss media hands into partypoker format. You can use any hand converter then. At least it works for me this way ;)

      Since I don't have any handhistory of EUR tables right now, I can't tell You if it works with other currencies than USD, just try it...
    • gaz639
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      thanks kenny i will take a look at it later, i just looked through most of my hands and made 2 mistakes, one was calling a raise without odds for FD, had 1.4:1 needed 2:1 and second was i limped 77 on CO then bet the flop and called a min-re-raise having missed the flop with 1 overcard, i should have let it go, instead i let it go on the turn
    • gaz639
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      i played a short session last night, just 450 hands, then pokerheaven experienced problems and all their tables closed so that was it for the night. Had a good session, apart from 2 hands but i don't think i could get away from them, i had 96s in the BB and checked it to flop flush, had oesfd to, villai won with T3s, which he limped UTG.

      The second hand i raised AKs after 3 limpers with AQx flop, opponent bet out then i said to kay he has AQ i bet, then i pushed him, he did have AQ and it cost me €2.50. I don't think i could fold there though,he could have easily had AJ or AT or even A6s+ with past hands i saw him with.

      Anyway had a positive session despite those. Had one interesting thing though, one of my tables ended up heads up but he was a big fish i was playing so i stayed, i had €3 on the table (top up wouldn't work on that table) and left with €10, it woud have messed my bss stats up but it's only a small sample so it will disappear quickly and it was for the right reasons.

      Hands 1377
      Amount won $9.37
      BB/100 8.51
      w$SD 57.38

      I will go and evaluate my hands now (still having difficulty posting hands)