My 1st day at school........

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      HELLO all my name is Tim or HighSocietypro (think big and all that!)

      This is my story so far............
      I started using my $50 from pokerstrategy today on sng's at partypoker only to find under the rules I could only enter $1 turbo 10 seat tables my first thought was I hate 1 table and turbo as normally I play 45 pls at normal speed and had been having mixed results due to poor BRM, So I played a few and sure enough busted out about 4 games, I put this down to the new turbo style I was struggling to get used to, So I asked the forum if this was the only option I got a helpful reply saying i could change to cash games if i wanted to or grind it out to reach a higher bankroll therefore enabling me to play a wider range of SNG's! As I came to PS to sort my bankroll issues out the latter was my choice because if nothing else it would make me follow bankroll rules! So my next move was to watch some videos that cover turbo 1 table SNG's to pick up some tips the videos where really helpful and showed my the absolute need for ICM so I downloaded the ICM passed the 10 lesson units and went back to try it out I was very happy with the results 6 games 3-wins 2-3rd and 1-4th that was my mistake missing a clear push but still in one day PS has changed my entire thinking about the way I play and learn about the game so thanks PS :D
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      Hi Tim & welcome to PokerStrategy, good to see you.

      We have great members here and I'm delighted to see that we have already helped you with an aspect of your poker game. All our members are really keen to help, encourage and pass on experiences to fellow members, which really help us all to improve our games.

      Keep learning, keep playing and above all else keep enjoying your poker.
      Look forward to hearing how your game develops over the coming weeks. Don't forget to make maximum use of all the strategy material, free live coaching sessions, sample hand forums etc.

      Wishing you every success and enjoyment.