All in and...Lost cnx!!

    • aceonetheriver
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      i was playin and i went all in , i saw the flop , and then i lost connection! just sick lol !

      just wondering how many time u lost cuz of cnx?! i mean lost all the buy in !

      4 me ..more than 10 times ! and still counting ! lol and one time i wanted to play ..but the match started after 3 hours !! then the guy was sitting out! and many times they use all the bank time and sit out i stack them ! hey wut goes around comes round! :D
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    • Snodreliss
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      I have kind of the same problem, I play poker at my school, witch I live at. And the connections is totally crap. Sometimes I time out and fold the nuts. Happens...
    • Ejeckt
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      My neighbors and I share 1 DSL connection, and it's not the most reliable ISP so disconnections are frequent. I always have my Nokia N78 connected to my PC when I play, though, and the connection wizard ready to connect via 3G :/ Bandwidth is pretty expensive though :/ I'd pay $1 for about 3-4 hours of play.