Cake $1 Short-Stacked SNGs

    • joooohn
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      Cannot decide how I feel about these. After 100 games I am on 0 profit! I know there are upswings and downswings but this is frustrating. I have a good run where I get a few wins but then I lose a lot too. I don't think I am necessarily playing wrong, just getting caught out by the kind of morons who donk you out on cash games n get lucky on the river.

      Here is my strategy so far:

      First few levels: Play premium hands, fold to almost any aggression unless I have the nuts.
      Mid levels: Slightly more aggressive with speculative hands, e.g. connectors, ace low kicker etc
      Last levels: If I'm chip leader raise every hand to steal the blinds and so that opponents can't tell if I've got a good hand or not.

      Is there anything intrinsically wrong with this? Obviously chip count is a big factor and I play less hands in the middle levels if I'm not doing amazingly. I thought I was playing quite well but this is just frustrating!

      Here is my graph:

      Any advice would be useful, because along with cash games my initial $50 is starting to wither....
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