Well I'm wondering how to play HU vs calling stations (IP and OOP). Usually with initiative. So we raise or isolation raise preflop and end up vs the station, missing the board or hitting a bottom/med pair. The HU strategy is usually c-bet two streets then bluff induce/value bet/try to get a better hand to fold on river. well the latest doesn't exactly work with calling stations. Now playing this line and not hitting my overcards/playing my med/bottom pair agressively ended up in rather low W$SD (the stations beat me alot, is this normal?). Now, the strategy vs. different opponent styles (silver article on basic hand reading i think) suggests to only play top pair med kicker and better vs. calling stations. but can we apply this in HU? if we have initiative and are OOP and don't hit, then don't c-bet, the station will usually try to bluff us and then we might actually fold a better hand. we could just call down as long as we call according to the odds, but that seems pretty weak to me, not c-betting flop. If we're IP, not c-betting is weak again and checking behind will result in the station almost always trying to bluff the turn by donking. now let's say we're OOP, we c-bet flop, get called and completely miss turn. what now? another c-bet is expensive and we rarely have any FE, and the check behind will also result in a bluff from the opponent and we might give up a better hand again. Now if we're IP and we c-bet flop and miss turn, i guess the check behind on turn is ok because we get a free card? but again, the pot on the river will be small, opponent will usually donk the river and with A high/K high we'll rarely have the pot odds to call. so yeah, i'm very confused and i think this has been one of my major leaks (i have usually been c-betting flop and turn and then playing river depending on my hand, but i feel i've lost alot of money doing this). some help would be really appreciated!