$25+1.25 HU SnG AA

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      First blind level, I get AA in the BB and opponent raises. I 3bet him last time from the BB, and he got a decent hand now, so he calls. Flop brings a flush draw, so I make my standard c-bet of 2/3ps, protection and value extraction. He calls, so it's all good, until the turn. He called, so he might very well have a king, and I thought if I bet now I won't be able to get away from the hand even if it's obvious he has a king. Plus a kingless hand probably won't call a 2nd barrel, that's why I decide to check. River is harmless, and I decide to place a small bet. A king (or maybe even full house) will at least raise anyway, and just about every other hand will fold, so betting big makes no sense. I'd consider calling a raise since I checked the turn and bet small on the river, which doesn't exactly demonstrate strength and could induce a bluff. That didn't happen though, opponent had AJo and just called. I won the game about 30 hands later.

      Did I underplay my aces? I know it would've made sense to bet the turn as well, but considering my opponent's hand I made myself another 300 chips on the river by checking the turn...

      I posted this hand in the SnG forum where they advised me to repost it here. There seems to be some problem with the link, although it works for me in Firefox, but just to be sure I'm posting a screenshot as well.

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      just my thoughts in short:

      preflop is fine, u could 3bet bit over 3x

      vs unknown standard opp:

      flop: bet/3bet/shove/call/get it in
      turn: bet/fold
      river: bet/fold

      flop play is easy. u have the nutz. just get it in if he raises. since u are oop calling is gay since he can play turn and river perfectly, u cant.

      turn is a good b/f spot i guess. he has some Kx hands in his range, but there is a ton of value to be gotten from fds and sds, Jx and his mid pockets that now dont believe you having a K. he wont turn his made hands into a bluff ever, just QT could now shove, hoping u dont have AK and getting u to fold a lot.

      river is a vbet vs Jx and pockets. if he shoves i expect him to delay a K which is a nice play i guess. so its a b/f. u could think about c/c for bluff induce, for sure. but: since u 3bet oop pre and barreled 2 streets hard he should recognize that your range is super strong. a bluff on his part wouldnt make much sense. but if he is really bad, u might go for a c/c. on such a limit i would just vbet.

      as played. i dont like your river donk too much. if u bet u rep Jx +. he will fold anything but a J, right? bu once u check turn and then check river he might a) bluff a lot (busted fds and sd) and also vbet Jx, 8x and pockets between 9s and Qs. since he checked back the turn, he usually doesnt have a K on such a wet board. hence: c/r river (not too big) as played for max value. :f_cool: