having posted a new thread asking for help,and having no replies(!),i decided to double-double check everything once again.and guess what,i found something........
i had clicked the box to enable the race-track mode on full tilt.so i changed to the race-track instead of the classic mode in the site`s layout options section and viola !...everything working as it should.
and that is the reason for this post...for those still having problems check everything again because it could be the smallest thing that you are missing.
as for the H U D itself,it really does help.i experimented on a 6-max NL 25 table and it really helps with my decision making as already i have made $30 in a very short session.
the rest of the elephant software is very useful `cos it has shown me where i was too aggressive and where i needed to slow down in certain areas and ramp up the aggression in others.
it also told me i was going to showdown too often(and there are a number of reasons for this),and that also has been rectified all because the facts are there in front of you for you to ponder over.
all-in-all,im now a happier bunny and on my way to gold rating....just another 500 and odd points to go! lol....