Implementation of private coaching points

    • roswellx
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      Hi all !

      An idea come to my mind but I don't know if current coaches will be enough and willing to do this.

      So idea is, beside Poker Strategy points which allow us to read the great articles.

      Is it possible to implement some PCPs (Private Coaching Points) via rake or wager we make to Poker Strategy (actually i'm not sure what is the amount of rake gets) on the site we're tracked. We could collect some PCPs and use them to have private coaching sessions. Coaches could get their $ via PCPs transferred to their accounts. I believe such system would motivate all the players of

      What are your opinions ? Please share them with us !

      Thanks !
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      my opinion is that this way you'd either need to get a million of points to be able to get a coaching (and by collecting so many points you'd sure have built a decent enough BR to be able to pay for the coaching yourself), or it would be pretty much impossible for everyone to be able to get the coaching (I mean come on, we have a few thousand members in the community, and there's like 10 english coaches, maybe 20? would take ages for everyone to get it). So it's a no from me. as nice as it would be, offers alot of great articles, videos and coachings already, and if you run out of the learning material and really NEED a private coaching, you can ask a coach for a sweat session or pay for it ;) . (you shouldn't need it at micros anyway).


    • roswellx
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      I respect your thoughts and appreciate your reply to this post.

      Some coaches accept 30 50 $ for 1 hour session. I personally I don't think I would need coaching for more than 2 hours. PCPs won't be like Poker Strategy points but will be calculated in a different way. I don't think one needs to have multiple coaching sessions. Maybe once in a month !? For different levels for example NL100, NL200 or NL 500 etc. price can be higher. In this situation, I think all the parties will have profit. will get much more rake because players will become better players so rake amount will raise respectively. Coaches will make some extra money. Players of will built their BR.

      Coaches can decide who to coach and make some scheduling. So it won't take ages.

      Regarding articles, videos and coachings already, it is always better to learn it from private teacher than reading from books right ? Actually reading the book and then getting private teacher to get into deeper seas is the greatest way to learn something. Get the theory via articles, see it in practice via private coaching.
    • Xantos
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      At some point of time we might finally implement more ways to spend the money you earn at, e.g. in the shop or for private coaching.

      But the ways to earn this promotion money will pretty much stay the same: Tell-A-Friend & some other, specified promotions like the Top 250 or one-time things like the current hand judgement promotion.

      We will not be able to - additionally to all the promotions, contents & services we already offer - offer more regular ways to earn such money. It just would be too expensive.

      So to afford such a scheme, we'd have to cut back at other things like our content, services or promotions - which would probably be a bad idea.

      Our credo is that you can very well reach limits with a good money earning rate through what we already offer - especially if you actively use our videos, coachings, strategy discussions and hand judgements, which in combination come close to private coaching.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello roswellx,

      Although I agree with you that private coachings are very educational, they are also extremely expensive and require a lot of time. As Primzi has already said - there are hundreds of thousands of users and just a few coaches - meaning that the waiting lists would be flooded. In some languages there are 100-200 people in a coaching - imagine the coach would try to give private coachings to all of these players.

      Essentially our educational material is based on providing a solid basis for all players so that they can beat the lower stakes. This kind of information does not require private coachings - since it is fairly standardized and can be taught via conventional means. As such normal coachings + articles + videos reach a much larger audience & are sufficient for providing the needed information.

      As players progress up the limits - private coachings become interesting due to their ability to help players in non-standard spots and to tweak their game or to fix leaks which are not so easily found via hand evaluation. This is not really necessary on the lower stakes though - since standard play is sufficient.

      In the past we have often had Diamond Coaching give-aways for private coachings for Diamonds or sometimes even platinums. We also have public private coachings which allow motivated players to get free private coachings. So essentially while it is a good idea - its applicability is restricted to small groups such as Diamonds via Promotions.

      Best regards