• hitmobi
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      Hey people!

      I'm a college student from Estonia. I've played poker for about a year and a half now. I used to think i knew a lot about poker, read some pokerbooks and was pretty confident and maybe sometimes even cocky! :P . When my poker bankroll reached disaster, i realized that i'm still a rookie and i need to learn more. So now here i am - trying to learn...

      This site has helped me so much already. Thank you

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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello Hitmobi and welcome to the pokerstrategy.com!

      It is nice to hear that you had realised that you can improve your poker knowledge, and joining pokerstrategy.com will sure help you a lot with that! Remember, there is always room for improvement :) .

      I would like to suggest starting a poker blog as well as it could very well help you improve your game even more, along with meeting new people from our beloved community :) . I would also like to let you know that reading the articles is of course the best theoretical basis of poker you could possibly get, but watching our videos and attending the coachings will help you implement the new strategies into your practical game alot easier than just reading the articles :) . So don't be afraid to take some of your time to watch/attend some of those :) .

      Good luck at the tables!


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      Hello HitMobi,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.

      Primzi has given some excellent advice so i will just provide some links for you to explore.




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      Kind Regards,