For most of you who probably don't know, SilverSands and 3Piggs are local South African poker sites available in local currency. I left those sites when I came to PokerStrategy to learn to play properly on Stars and the other bigger poker rooms. I just wanna hear what your thoughts are about the pro's and con's of these rooms, and if perhaps they're worth going back to.


* 6-max SnG's above R25 buy in ($2) have payout structure of 10-max.
* Competition is the worst you'll ever see in your life. No, really, I mean it. I've played lowstakes on Party, Titan, Stars and nothing compares.
* Very easy banking/deposit/withdrawal options.
* I beat those games quite easily when I had just started out. I had no education beyond Poker for Dummies, Harrington on Hold'em Vol 1, and a few free self-published ebooks on how to play poker (Most were published before the Moneymaker boom, even). But now I've studied more and even know some good ICM :)
*Relatively low rake
* Guaranteed MTT's often have an average of 200-500 players. Most of them with no idea what they are doing. And there is plenty of gtd mtt's everday. Def enough to keep one busy.
*Lowstakes are 25c/50c NL (NL5 for you guys). So with my current BR I can safely play there.


* (Biggest one) SnG blind levels go up per # of hands. (7-10 for normal speed)
* (Second biggest) Loyalty system on both casino's involves nothing more than earning points for points freerolls (from $100 daily to $2000 monthly). Not so bad though, as these are also easily beatable and after about 50 tournaments in the past I estimate I got about an equivalent to 20% rakeback from them. But, of course, I was lowstakes and they are tournaments which are influenced by variance.
*Rebuy tournaments are the norm. Freezouts are the exception. Maybe this isn't that bad, cause the few tourney's I've played other players rebuy like it's going out of fashion. The average player could easily rebuy 20+ times. They they push almost any two.
* Almost no FR tables. You'll get one here and there for cash as well as SnG's.
*No tracking software for SilverSands. But HEM should work for 3Piggs. (Piggs uses Microgaming/Prima software)
*Minimal traffic on pokerrooms. Maybe 1500-2500 players on weekend nights. 800-1500 Weekday nights except Monday (true freeroll day) and Friday (Just cause it's weekend and people wanna blow their paychecks)
*Leaderboard is dominated by a handful of players. Where else do you see a guy winning the monthly million MTT 3 times? Oh, and the #5 leaderboard guy is running at a loss because he rebuy's so much :P
* Highest stakes usually available for SnG's are R50+5 (About $5). Sure there are higher, but it's often satellites and HU and the occasional 6max (maybe 2 per hour)

Yeah, way more Cons than Pros, but are the cons outweighed? I've learned alot at PokerStrategy, but I don't know how one can apply strategies taught here to poker rooms of that kind of caliber. Obviously I'd keep playing at Stars etc... but would you, dear poker player, consider playing at a room like that given the info above?