Passive call stations are so akward to play against

    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      Seriously... What are they even thinking?

      Today I played against a guy who's stats look something like this... (Over 90 hands)

      VPIP 60
      RPF 0 (Yes, that's right. He did not even raise once PF)
      Cold call 2bet 55%

      How do you play against these guys?

      And after the flop they pretty much bet with anything just to get the oponent to fold.
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    • Dragar
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      Depends if he is in position to you our your in position to him.

      I normally tighten my range and c-bet every flop if I am OOP. IP I raise him for value.

      If they are aggro post-flop just trap them, for example I will not raise my PP against him anymore IP hoping he limped with a pretty good hand and I can stack him with set or so.
    • NightFrostaSS
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      Who cares what they are thinking?
      If they donk into you on flop, raise em to see how they act, if they don't fold then TPTK = $$$