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I dont want to tilt !!

    • bobdefete
      Joined: 18.08.2008 Posts: 81
      Im so on a downswing right now and it seems theres nothing i can do about it..
      All my big hands are losing , the only one that hits are when im bb with 89o a the flop goes 899, other than that (which appened once) I hit nothing .

      I'm even scared to play big hands cause i get called then raised everythime i cbet a single opponent . Of course I never hit the flop so I just lose a big part of my stack every time i have to fold..

      I don't know if i'm only playing bad or on a bad run, Is there someone playing sngs here who wants to help me improve my game :)
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    • karmi
      Joined: 01.01.2009 Posts: 13
      Hey bobdefete; im stricly a sng player also and although im far from being an excellent player im still crushing the micro non turbo sng's ($1-4 range) atm playing 9 tables at a time so i hope i have something to offer.

      First off I will say you might want to read all the material available to you on this site and watch all the videos you have access to. I know some of them are long and some of the reading feels basic but its going to help you so much in the long run.

      Now I dont know what stake SNGs your playing but a few things I will mention.

      If your only playing 1 table; I think you are possibly playing too many hands. When I played 1 table in a SnG and I got say AQ to a raise/reraise I would flat it because I was bored and it was the biggest hand I've had so far, now i got no issues mucking jacks to a raise/reraise etc because im pretty confident ill find a better spot same goes with alot of premium hands. Try playing a couple more tables and limit your hand starting range.

      Watch leaks in your game; my biggest chipleaks were: ace-rag (suited); low pocket pairs (limping or calling raises for set value; very situational); dominated hands (QJ example); Cbetting in a multiway pot with airball (Very situational; if you got 3 in the pot and you dont have a hand its probably best to just check it) You need a much better hand to call a raise with then to make a raise with. Play your hands based on position accordingly; id raise off the SB with pocket 4s but I would never raise UTG for example.

      Just be patient and remember that certain players will call your cbets with bottom pair or 2 overs, gutshots everything. If you hold AK, raise, get a caller, flop comes 3 5 9 rainbow and you cbet and its called; you give up and check it and get a bet back at you dont immediately think your beat. Its obviously possible but players will bet A high on this board quite comfortably. You dont always need to hit to win pots; Ive played SNGs where I have been a 2:1 chipleader without ever getting to a showdown. Lots of smaller pots.

      Oh and also; you cant win every SNG regardless. There will be times where your kings run into aces preflop; your TPTK runs into a set and your commited. This happens; and its why you play within your bankroll so you can handle it. Correct play does not always mean winning. I raise with AK get reraised by a shortstack allin and am commited to call; he flips over JJ and I lose the flip and am now the shortstack. Did I play badly? Not really; I could of just as easily won the hand and took a nice lead.

      One last thing I will mention is that your looking for value out of your hands. If you have aces and open shove this does not give you any sort of consistent value. Make sure your raises are consistent. No 3x BB with Ak and 5x BB with AA/KK/QQ etc. The only time I raise differently to 3x BB is UTG when im usually doing 2x or 2.5x. So yeah; if you flop the stone cold nuts just remember you want value out of it; not the 1 in 10 times you reraise them all in and they call. If they bet into you; consider how your going to get the most chips. Same goes for like keeping your stack healthy; raising KQs in late to try to steal the blinds/play a small pot but know your dominated if you get alot of action.

      Also it is possible your on a bad run. I had a bad run for a while and even have a post on here crying about my bad beats made in a moment of anger. Yesterday; I played 36 SnG's and came out $60 ahead (over 85% ROI). Now this doesnt mean I am an amazing player but I was on the sickest heater. Flopping twopair/topset/had aces at 3 tables on the same hand. Just a total card magnet, if I was new to poker I would think I was the up and coming Phil Ivey but truth is I was just on an insane run. Being at 9 tables, where 7 of them your chipleader and the other 2 your 2nd is not something you can realistically see consistently without alot of luck! Your edge on the game by being a good player is never going to be that big; your AK busted by Q7? Get used to it, it'll happen a 3rd of the time..

      Good luck at the tables :D
    • bobdefete
      Joined: 18.08.2008 Posts: 81
      Yeah, maybe i'm playing too many hands .
      Those are good advice, ive been to a coaching today, re-read some sections, i think ill play 4 tables and stick to the strategy a lot more.

      I see myself in some situations you mentioned so i guess im playing wrong :( :f_cry:

      Time to study more i guess !