Play Money VS Real Money Games

    • tunabun
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      Hey, I just joined a couple of days ago and decided to practice some of my newly acquired knowledge using the play money given to me on PartyPoker while I wait for the Real money to arrive.

      I'm just wondering if some of you experienced players can give me your opinion regarding Play VS Real?

      I figure that the Play money games will be much looser and filled with people ready to go all in on a bluff or consistently before the flop, making it much easier to make quick gains.

      In reality though, what would you say is the percentage difference between the two games?

      Playing No Limit, I went from 10K to 100K and then finished at 70K in 4 hours of play my first day.

      Today I banked another 53K in just under 30 mins.

      So I'm wondering, while obviously this isn't an equal barometer to Real Cash play, what can I expect?

      12x bank roll in two days with fake cash would be equivalent to what, 4x,3x,2x or even less in real cash, or is there just as many irresponsible players on the cash tables?

      Thanks for your time ^^
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    • mortal1ty
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      i would say real money and play money plays are diffrent round 100% you hardly meet soo many donkeys at cash tables. If u 0.5x your bakroll i would think that it was a good day. Sure u always can expect upswings which increase your BAnkroll nicely. But thats only my opinion...
    • SheepMoose
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      You have to consider yourself as an ever more looser Sammy Farha on steriods and be ready to push all in with something like J3o under the gun.

      Seems to work for all the other play money people out there.
    • michaelqian
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      You obviously get a lot of loose maniacs at play money, because after all it isn't real money.

      However I do recommend playing with fake money for a while to firstly become familiar with the rules of the game, I know the betting rounds and the blinds can be confusing sometimes.

      Another good reason is to become familiar with the general probabilities of hands, i.e. how likely are you to hit a straight or flush etc... get the general feel.

      Lastly if you are going to practice with fake money, you have to imagine you are play with REAL money and treat your play chips exactly like if they were real. What that means is you don't bet 2000 on a starting hand like 63o.
    • NightFrostaSS
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      It's completely different, you can't expect to be a winning player at real money tables just because you are capable to beat play money games.
    • TheBrood
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      I played a lot of playchip at FTP before joining and imo the 3rd highest playchip level was equal to the lowest NL level with real $ (NL2, maybe NL4).
    • Ejeckt
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      You cannot compare acquiring play chips and real money. I wish it were so, though. I started learning poker at play money and when I switched to real money I had gone from 1000 play money to over 2 million. In sporadic and irregular play.

      Only thing play money is really good for is teaching the rules of poker, as well as showing some probabilities (as poster 2 above said). Make sure you have %win odds displayed if available :)
    • michaelqian
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      Another helpful thing to do is to simply watch some real money games.

      You won't see the players' hole cards, but from their betting patterns, try to figure out what they have, and if it comes to a show down, see if you are correct.

      I've been doing this a bit, however I always get impatient, as I'll be lucky if I see 1 show down out of 20 hands.

      So in real money games people fold like crazy, at least from what I've observed.
    • DaPhunk
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      Completely Different Games. PlayMoney is just ridiculous and can lead to you calling too much in Real Money Games, due to the loose unskilled play. You wouldn't Believe how much It will affect the beginning of your Real Money Career.

      In short, Unless You don't know the rules of Poker Already and need a quick play too see the very basics of how a round of Poker is played, I would never advice practicing on Play Money Tables. You'll just end up Overvaluing almost ALL your Hands. Without knowing how you got there you will likely notice yourself making plays where you call Large Bets thinking "My Hand would be Good In PlayMoney Tables 90% of the time"

      Basically, I Positively Encourage You NOT to play on PlayMoney Tables. :p
    • tunabun
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      Thanks for all the useful advice. I really appreciate the responses.

      I believe I know the basic rules of Poker, but as for understanding hand odds, betting odds, and strategies I'm sure I'm lacking.

      I absolutely felt there was value to play money tables, in that I felt more and more comfortable making calls, bets and folds. I am getting used to seeing cards, and as someone who has never played more than a friendly game with friends this is something I dearly needed. It is like chess, one might understand the rules of chess, start to work on basic strategy and tactics, but unless you have the experience of playing games you will not have seen enough variable patterns to verify the knowledge you already have, or to gain new and much needed knowledge from common patterns you're bound to run into with play.

      However, I also felt that as much as I wanted to follow the concepts I had learned from this site, the consistent bad play of others made it difficult to make the proper calls. Possibly because I would see so many ridiculous all-in calls, many of which made me shy away from calling even when I had a respectable hand, or perhaps it was because the mind builds pattern relationships, and seeing players play with a huge amount of ridiculous hands (and win, when I can't usually see what loses if players fold, or see good starting hands lose) slowly caused me to feel that I may be able to successfully play those hands. Either way I could truly feel I was getting worse and gaining an added condition of fearing real money tables.

      Now that my first $50 has been issued, I will attempt to start building a new set of patterns. Hopefully I am intelligent enough to separate what was wrong at the play tables, both from myself and others, and use that to my advantage when I see similar play, from either, at cash tables.

      Thanks again for your feedback ^^
    • Kruppe
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      well you obviously weren't using proper BRM. one of the biggest differences is that you have to use(different) BRM with real money. you pretty much can't go from 10k to 100k in a day if you are using the kind of BRM you should use for microstakes real money.