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Major tournament incoming :)

    • shivas80
      Joined: 24.12.2008 Posts: 573
      Well, today I went to local casino for live MTT

      No Limit Texas Hold'em 12$ Satelitte to 05.20 Event
      Unlimited rebuys 90 min. + Add On

      31 player participated... and guess what... i won a ticket... to:

      Olympic Open Championship
      No Limit Texas Hold'em -700- Terminator (60 seats). 700LTL = 203 Eur

      that will be my most expensive buy-in tournament :f_pleased:

      Today after rebuy period was over, i have seen only 4 tickets available, and 5th place some money prize (138 Eur), when there was only 5 of us was thinking... go all-in loose and take money prize or play for ticket (tickets personal, can't be sold), decided i don't care about money this time... i want to participate in that tourney... and woila... there it is. :f_wink:

      What i hate about these low-buyin rebuy tournaments... it's small starting stacks... only 1000 chips, blinds start at 10/20 but you know... raise, reraise and u pot commited :)

      Key hands was: 99 in MP2, UTG shortstack pushes all-in 1300, i call, another shortstacks pushes all-in too.. around 900...
      One shows KJ, another K7... my 99 folds on xxQQQ board and i kick 2 players out :f_love:

      And most uber hand of night raised my chips count enough to survive till final table and ticket was:

      I hold AJo, open-raise from middle position to 900 (blinds 300/150), got 3 callers.. flop: KJJ, i bet 2000, one calls, 2 folds. 8 comes on the turn... i bet 3000, guy was thinking... what the hell did u hit... and called, one more 8 on river, so board now looks: KJJ88, was thinking.. omg not KK slowplaying it to the river... then i decide to push all-in all remaining 4700, guy takes some time... and shows AA in hand... (too bad, didn't called my push)... he was shocked i raised it with AJ and hit it... that made enough chips for me to sit to final table with ~21k in chips, blinds 600/300 ante 25, and there i patiently waited while super-agresive all hands hitting Bigstack was throwing guys from table...

      Thats my "success" story :)

      Any tips how to play Terminator type of holdem?
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