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Who Else Has Been testing HM TableScanner?

    • DaPhunk
      Joined: 01.03.2008 Posts: 2,805
      I have and I must Say I really Like It. Question is, when they've Finished It Should I buy it, or go for an alternative Like SpadeEye? Has Anyone Used Both?

      HM TableScanner Could well be a bit faster than SpadeEye as its part of the same program???

      I've never Used SpadeEye so i don't know what to go for.
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    • s1ndr0me
      Joined: 18.01.2009 Posts: 131
      I've not tried HM table scanner but I do use spade-it telescope for PS and Eyepoker for Ipoker. both apps are pretty slow. However they do provide good information, particually sorting players buy loss and number of losers on a table etc.

      I was under the impression that hold em manager will be using a server side system that will speed up the scanning. But that will be a subscription service. whether that will represent a good investment or not i don't know.

      One other thing is each spade-it pproduct costs $35 so if you play on several networks this is gonna set you back a quite a few $$$ where as the HEM product is a flat $45 for all supported networks.

      not much help i know :-)

    • DaPhunk
      Joined: 01.03.2008 Posts: 2,805
      Interesting. I think i'll get the HM tablescanner over SpadEye then. for cost reasons.
    • KidPokersKid
      Joined: 27.02.2009 Posts: 653
      I've been using the tablescanner recently and I admit I am really liking it but I have to say I have never used SpadeEye or anyother software for table selection.
    • Stretch00
      Joined: 25.04.2009 Posts: 29
      I have been using it for awhile (HM Scanner) And after using HM altogether I just cant imagine ever using ANY other poker software from any other publisher!!! The team at HM produce the best quality software on the market.......There BETA for Omaha was more stable than PT3s official release!!!!!! The forum for any problem that could possible come up is always alive with support people on the payroll!!! And a ton of users who are knowledgeable and willing to help. Holdem Manager is no joke not with anything! They are dedicated and serious about producing the best software.