When does it start to happen?

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      I've been playing turbo $1 sng at Party for 2 months - roughly 600 tournaments. My BR has been up to $70 and down to $30. I adhere closely to the strategy on this site and I get round about 90% on the ICM trainer. All in all I'm doing kind of OK given the rake and the style of play at Party, I'm ITM maybe 50% but I never feel like I control the games. I get the impression from experienced players on here that any one of them could waltz into the level I play and completely dominate - not winning every tournament necessarily, but with a high expectation of getting ITM.

      I realise 500 tournaments is nothing in the scheme of things but I was just wondering what kind of progress you should expect to make. Say after 1000 tourneys does something click into place? Do situations come up that you recognise and know instinctively how to play? Or am I (and I suspect this may be the case) destined to be grinding the micro limits forever?
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    • LuborC
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      The thing with the microlimits is that there is doulbe rake compared to higher limits at most sites. This leads to not only lower winrate obviously but with lower ROI also come bigger swings.
      600 tournaments in not big enough sample size to determine if you actually beating this limit or if you are losing slightly. Whichever be the case I think you are probably pretty close to breakeven which is really good actually. This basically means that any leak you plug and any finetunning of your game you do will bring you money in the long run.
      There is no point where everything would click into it's place and you would only win from now on. At least there has not been one for me so far. You have to keep working on your game trying to improve the little things and after a while you'll see that you're beating the game.
      If I were you I would start with ICM trainer. 90% is not a very good score on the basic setting. If you have the trainer set to 3% hero's edge, and 3-6 (or 7) players it is defenitely possible to do 100% over 100 hands pretty often and you should be able to do 98% or so almost every time. 95% is the minimum I would settle for here. Then there's the bubble (4 players). The dynamics of this phase is a little different so it is a good idea to practice this part a bit more (jsut set the ICM trainer to 4 players) and aim for the 95% again.
      Also 50% ITM is very very very high. Anything over 40% is good IMO. If you have this high ITM and still are not making money it means that you're not playing well in the final stages of the tournament. You're basically taking lot of thirds when you could have had second and lot of second when you could have won. ICM trainer (set to 3 or 2 players) will help you here again. To work on your heads up game it is good to visit coachings and ask questions about the plays the coach does in HU. Watching the videos also helps..

      Hope this helps a bit.

      P.S. It might be interesting if you started your own blog and keept us up to date on your progress.
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      I had a tough start with the $1 SnG's too ;)
      good point there LuborC, 40-50% ITM is indeed good, so its possible you have leaks 3 players and HU. I will add that you should do a little research on how to play those stages in lower blind levels (happens a lot in the $1's)
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      Thanks for the replies. You're right about the ICM thing, I had another few goes and I still get ~90% using 4 player random blinds/stack. Definitely work to be done there, but I have noticed a couple of repeated mistakes (Jx for example is a push more often than I would expect).

      I do definitely hit 3rd and 4th more than anything else which is why I'm concentrating on bubble play, getting to 4th is reasonably easy if you just play to the charts and get a bit of luck. I think I tend to overestimate my opponents' hands as well, especially at the bubble, it's just so difficult calling a push with K8 or something when it's your tournament life.

      I should be releasing my bonus in 2 weeks, I think I might move to pokerstars - seems the turbo sng isn't best suited to the strategy here.

      Thanks again guys for your thoughts.