[NL2-NL10] nl5 99 sh

    • gummybeared
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      No-Limit Hold'em, $0.05 BB (5 handed) - Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

      Hero (MP) ($5.07)
      Button ($6.19)
      SB ($12.07)
      BB ($4.84)
      UTG ($3.05)

      Preflop: Hero is MP with 9, 9
      1 fold, Hero bets $0.17, Button raises to $0.29, 1 fold, BB calls $0.24, Hero raises to $1.18, Button calls $0.89, 1 fold

      Flop: ($2.67) 9, 9, 7 (2 players)

      what next, and how's the pf play? btn is fish(history) bb unknown
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    • maya1984
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      You can bet here represting an OP but I don't think you are getting called here.
      Better just to check it, let him catch up or just to bluff.
    • Jaissica
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      Check-call flop, button may decide to cbet with air and will certainly value bet with OP. Even fish generally have a hand when they raise-call on the flop.

      If villain bets flop, check turn to see if you can get a second barrel from fish with air. The second barrel will pretty much be a shove.

      if the villain checks behind on the flop, bluff-induce the turn. Make a "I have a flush draw" blocking bet, ~$1. It might even get villain to fishy call with AKo overair.

      On the river, shove. Either fish has a hand by now that can pay or he doesnt. There is no value in checking OOP with a genuine monster on the river except vs terrible maniacs. Even better, we look like we tried a weak bluff on the turn and are now trying to buy our way out of it.
    • Fongie
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      Preflop is fine if you wanted to ship it against the button for w/e reason

      On the flop, it depends on what type of fish it is (calling station or maniac). I'm guessing he's a maniac by the preflop action, so then I'll go for c/c flop c/c turn (you should be all in by then, if not, ship it on the river)