Coaching videos live!

    • MancaMulas
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      Hi everybody, I play poker on Full Tilt. All the coachings I have tried to see were in other poker rooms where I don't have an account, like PartyPoker. When I try to "Tune In", it shows me a new windows, I hear the voice of a guy but no video!

      How can I see the coaching videos live?

      Is it necessary to have an account on that poker room?
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    • numpaf
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      Yes, it's necessary to have an account on the poker room shown in the coaching section. Actually, there's no video. You have to open the tables where the coach is sitting and observe the game. You won't be able to see his cards like in the videos, just listen to what the coach is saying. :f_cool:
    • gambleris
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      For example, you can open poker tables in Full Tilt even if you don't have an account.