Great tourney

    • MrPavlos
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      I am playing a tourney,right now still in,rebuy tourney 5,50$ buy in.
      I havent rebought once,only got one add on at break.
      It had 2511 entrants and 432 got paid.
      Right now i am 9th out of 324.
      Will update more...
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    • MrPavlos
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      The reason i am so happy bout this tourney is cause for the first time of my 6-7 playing months never something like this happened

      During current Hold'em session you were dealt 239 hands and saw flop:
      - 12 out of 27 times while in big blind (44%)
      - 4 out of 28 times while in small blind (14%)
      - 18 out of 184 times in other positions (9%)
      - a total of 34 out of 239 (14%)
      Pots won at showdown - 10 of 10 (100%)
      Pots won without showdown - 15

      Pots won at showdown -10 of 10.
      I always got the money with the best hand and it always held up.
      Tonight variance decided to be good to me
    • MrPavlos
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      11th showdown hand got me out.88th for 70$.
      If i just had won that 11th showdown....
      For some weird reason i cant convert the hand now but it was this.
      Me having at buttom pocket 10s, UTG raised and 1 player called and so did i.Flop came 3-J-T, J-T spades, UTG2 raised, MP2 folded and i reraised him.
      Turn brought an 8 of spades he raised and i with a small stack left shoved.
      River brought the ace of spades and gave vilain a flush A high for his QQ.
      End of tourney...
      Who knows,maybe next time....
    • EagleStar88
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      Congrats MrPavlos, nice run.

      Rebuy tourneys do usually require a different strategy and its usually best to take a rebuy and the add on to avoid starting as a disadvantage to other competitors, but it's always pleasing to get into the money cheaply when not rebuying.

      Trying to find a link to some great 'rebuy' strategy advice from a very experienced member. Can't quite find it in the forum at the moment, I'll add the link later on if I can find it :)

      Wishing you continued success,