SSS and number of players

    • 666zeus666
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      Can somebody explain why you can not play the SSS against less than 7 opponents?

      With the SSS you fold a lot of times and if there are just a few players you don´t have to wait to get some action.

      I know I am wrong but I really don't get it.

      Thx and sorry for the noob question! :)
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    • goudviske
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      I think it's related to the blinds you pay, if you would only play a very limited number of hands liks SSS tells you to, you would want to play with as much of opponents as possible.

      Fe on 2NL you would pay 0.02 + 0.01 in blinds to see 10 starting hands, to see the same amount of starting hands with 6 players you almost have to pay double.

      As SSS is, like you said, very much of a waiting game, it's better to pay less to wait.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello 666zeus666 and welcome to the forums ;)

      goudviske was right with his answer. If you have less than 7 opponents the blinds come around much quicker. Since you pay the blinds more often - but are playing very tight - you will lose money unless you adjust to the conditions. The best way for beginners to adjust to the table becoming short-handed is to leave it ;)

      Best regards