PartyPoker rebuy bug

    • nowai
      Joined: 20.09.2008 Posts: 76
      Hey guys,

      sometimes when I play cg on party a bug occurs. When I click "rebuy" when I'm still in the hand and the round progresses before I click "ok", a popup appears

      "we are sorry, but the time of your reservation ran out. please try again to buy-in."

      Is this normal ? What would you do to fix it ?
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    • guidosuller
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      same shit here, but it happens only with the first rebuy, after you get that message it does not happen any more at that tabling.

      multitabling 16 tables its quite annoying doing it xD

      try do click on Rebuy as soon as you join the table so it does not bother you during the game ;)