The best pokerparty players in NL ?

    • undercover82
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      I am wondering which people are considered to be the "best" players in pokerparty NL (obviously the ones playing in high limits). I often observe the 25/50 tables and i almost always see certain people winning. (most of them are canadian btw , i wonder why canadians are so good at poker)
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    • Stefan1000
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      A list out of the 2+2 boards about that issue.

      fck_asier is probably the best reg in my opinion..
      Rolexx is very bad, i would consider him a reason to play at a table
      Noose is very good, not much more to say about him
      Marco is pretty good but he gets better by pissing people off - dont deny it, he does piss u off. i know he pisses me off
      Kebabhero just seems like a weak-agressive samo wannabe. not good
      caspis is way better than his stats indicate and is annoying as a [censored] cause he slows the game down by his [censored] goddamn openlimp-checkecheckeckeckcekchgecking i [censored] HATE it
      Bluff4You is a whiny bitch and makes money by being a huge nit
      Moi_olen is one of the best regulars no doubt. i hate him at my tables
      JarconFIN seems pretty standard, some dude u dont want at the tables but whatever
      D4ncingfish is bad, predictable and bad
      MeTomTom is good.
      Non_Profit is good.
      moistlips55 is unpredictable IRL lol