Ok BSS SHC. I must say well written before I say anything about it. But I made some changes myself, and would like to hear feedback about it here. (I play 16tables of 2NL)
so my changes:
JJ-3 bet, unless the vilian is like 8-4 or something
99,88- raise from mid position
AQ- 3 bet most of the time and not fold to a raise (at least call lol)
blind defense: KQs, KQof- I would definetly call a raise with both or even 3b sometimes+AJ,AT is good for me too most of the time
KQs,QJs,JTs,T9s call a raise if there is a raise and there are 2 callers.

Well my opinion about it, and please consider we are talking about micros here ;)