AK - live hand at casino

    • Bizaxta
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      I need to know if I played this right:

      Sitting at NL200 with about 180..I get AK in MP2. UTG raises to 12, folds to me and I call. CO raises to 32, BB calls, UTG calls, I call. Flop Ad 9d 6s, BB donks for 20, UTG folds, I shove for 150ish, CO folds, BB thinks and calls, saying "well I was going to leave soon anyway"..calls and flips AQ..UTG says he folded QQ. Sure enough, the last Q hits on the turn, 4 on the riv and I'm done for the night.

      How would you have played this hand? I think I should have probably raised preflop. How about you?
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    • Jaissica
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      Definantly re-raise preflop.

      People's hand ranges in live tend to be fairly wide due to the low hands per hour rate and the associated boredom (throw in a little alcohol and bam, 50+ VPIP), so when we hit a premium preflop hand, push hard with it.

      As played the flop pot was what, $128. A $20 donk... meh. Id shove my last $148 too with TPTK in a 3bet pot here too.

      Since BB flatted to the CO's 3bet with AQ oop I doubt any action you took could push him out of the hand before the case Q turn kills you here - youd have needed to 3bet and have CO decide to 4bet to have any hope of BB laying down, and if BB is going to play AQ OOP in that situation (raise, call, raise in front of him) I think he is likely to be bad enough to stack off with it preflop. NH, WP, bad luck - thats live variance for you.