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[NL2-NL10] NL10 FR: AJ floping TPTK

    • maya1984
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 1,741
      Hand converted with online hand converter:

      $0.05/$0.1 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with A, J.
      2 folds, Hero raises to $0.4, MP3 folds, CO calls $0.40, 3 folds.

      Flop: ($0.95) 8, A, 4 (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.60, CO raises to $1.5, Hero raises to $9.85(All-In), CO calls $4.65.

      Turn: ($16.95) Q (2 players)

      River: ($16.95) Q (2 players)

      Final Pot: $16.95.

      v is unknown. Think I was tilting at that time...
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    • silent21
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 1,556
      without stats hard to say

      his mid stacked and probably bad player but still imo u overplayed TP J kicker. ofcourse villain could reraise you with some good draw but vs unknown villains i prefer tight play

      i would call flop and reevaluate turn
    • maya1984
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 1,741
      Yep calling is the right move imp too. Those :f_eek: made me :s_mad:

      Edit: Man I was tired at that time...
      The problem with calling that midstack is the low stack that left to him.
      Being OOP I think it's either shove or fold.
    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Nah, if you decided that you wernt going to lay down TPGK here then 3betting the villain to be all in on the flop was the correct course.

      Just-calling would have made the turn pot $3.95 and CO's remaining stack $3.15. Youd have had to protect-bet vs flush draw that amount anyway, or chosen to check-call the shove, or risked giving a free card if villain checked behind.

      So if you are calling the flop you might as well shove the flop, IMO.

      Flop bet should be a bit bigger (80-85c). Your bet here is less than 2/3rds, and idiots with flush draws will pay more than that. You are cutting down your long-term edge vs "my suited hand is so pretty!" :f_love: by betting so small.

      Without stats you could choose to shove or fold and im not sure either is really wrong against midstacker on NL10. They are bad enough often enough that you are in front of a flush draw or an out-kicked ace and possibly even way in front vs idiots getting married to JJ-KK that losing to a set here isnt the only thing on our minds.

      Really the only difference I think is bet-fold is less variance, bet-shove more variance. Overall I think youd about break even with either choice.
    • maya1984
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 1,741
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504

      I think I would more likely take Bet/Fold line here but Bet/Broke line ain't that wrong against the mid-stack. But for lower variance just Bet/Fold.

      Best regards,