A question about 50$ capital

    • juwonlee
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      Hey, I passed the quiz two days ago and i registered for pokerstars.
      But, am i getting 50$ starting capital if i followed the instruction exactly ?
      am i just supposed to wait like a week?

      because i read a thread that saying getting starting 50$ deposit only when u deposit money.
      do you have to deposit money to get 50$ or do they just give 50$ starting capital even if i don't deposit any money?

      Also, if i get starting capital when can i withdraw them in pokerstars? how this system works? i read a bunch of thread but it seems like they are all saying different things. I'm little confused.

      sorry if i threw out too many random questions on the table.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello juwonlee,

      The $50 starting capital on PokerStars are credited without you needing to deposit - only the $50 extra bonus requires a first deposit.

      However I am sorry to say that at the moment we cannot transfer starting capital to players from the U.S. due to the current legal situation in your country. This is why you needed to indicate that you are not from the USA when you registered.

      If and when the legal situation in the USA changes we hope to also accept US players - but until then there is nothing we can do

      Best regards