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    • AussieIan
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      How do we treat limpers when it comes to push fold, do we still push over the top?

      Is first in considered to be first raise/push, oe as soon as someone limps are we folding all but premium hands with less than 13 blinds left?
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    • mishkagg
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      I think you ignore them and treat them as dead money which only improve your pot odds.
    • LuborC
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      I usually treat the situation as if I had one more person to push through or I were one position earlier. Someone who's stupid enough to limp in push or fold is also sometimes stupid enough to limp/call...

      EDIT: I had to edit this what I wrote earlier wasn't even a sentence. That happens when you play an MTT all night and then try to post something in the forums.. :D
    • TheBu11d0g
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    • Rauchg
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      In my experience, limpers just give you more fold equity..
    • NickParkes
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      When it comes to limpers I base my decision on my reads of the villain and I put him on a limp/call range... based on that I decide whether or not I push over the limper... If there are multiple limpers then I wanna push hands with decent equity, but remember the dead money in the pot so not tooooo tight...
    • deVall3y
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      this is a complicated subject in my eyes. it all depends about reads.
      as a general rule I push a little bit tighter if someone limped
      and you have to keep track on what kind of limper that is. did he limp 4 times and you pushed over, already? then he must be getting frustrated and call you with his good looking suited connectors. which isnt a bad thing, just means you have to push tighter
      there are also the limp with monster traps, boy I hate them. if it's coming from a regular its pretty easy to see, but if its a random fish that limped several times already then you just cant see it coming. i guess theres an advantage to limping in high blind levels...