AKs should I have folded?

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      Hi All,

      This is probably the first of many times I will post here, but please note it is the first. So I must apologise up front for not having the hand history. I didn't know how to grab it on the run whilst 4 tabling. The only way I could get it now would be to trawl through 6 sng's to find it. So apologise for lengthy explanation.

      OK I want to know if my decision was really bad, borderline, or good.

      I was in MP with AKs and there was an early pos raiser. I re-raised him x3. One of the blinds then re-raised again, then the original raiser re-re raised ?, and I was faced with a real dilemma.

      When I first re-raised, I was happy to go to war, but now there are three in the pot, the original raiser has represented real strength by raising twice, and goodness knows what the other guy has to re-raise two of us.

      So can my AKs be any good, should I muck it? I could fold, and be left with over 1400 chips, as it was not push/fold time yet by any means. On the other hand I thought the potential reward of a huge pot/if I bust out, theres another one along in a minute, and I got my chips in with AKs, so can that be all bad?

      For the record, the original raiser had QQ and the 3rd lunatic had a weaker Ace than me. An ace on the turn gave me the pot and over 5000 chips, but was my deicison good/bad/borderline?

      All the best
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