SSS HUD with Elephant

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      Hi all!

      Can anybody suggest the best layout for SSS HUD with Elephant? According to PS articles I should have

      VPIP, PFR, attempt ot steal CO/BU, attempt to steal SB, cold call, call preflop raise.

      Fold ot contibet, call contibet, raise contibet, WTSD, AF, bet flop/turn/river, fold flop/turn/river

      First, I couldn't find the "call pf raise" value in elephant at all, so my pf elephant part looks like this:

      VPIP, Raise preflop, openraise CO, openraise BU, SB first-in raise, coldcall 2bet average.


      Fold to contibet, call contibet, raise contibet (all 3 for flop only), WTSD, fold contibet turn, AF, handcount

      So I have 2 more stats to display in "upper" row and one for "lower" row. Plus I am thinking of joining preflop attempst to steal from BU and CO to just one stat. That will leave 4 more stats to display.

      Any suggestions on what i should put into my SSS HUD?

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